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The Pros and Cons of Driving a 50cc Moped

Updated on November 3, 2010

In this rocket age where everything is taking place at such a fast pace, the idea of having a 50cc Moped can sound a bit ridiculous to many. But if you get down to the little details of everyday life and the small chores associated with it, you will definitely understand the importance of owning such a light weight environment friendly travel accessory.

Having a Moped to move freely in the nearby places around your residence can be a big help for all. The daily chores of running around and fetching the essential groceries can become a child's play when you are mobile 24x7 with a little 50cc moped at your disposal. The kids in the house can also utilize this handy piece of automobile for going to their schools. These little wonders may look fragile, but are strong enough to help you in carrying the extra weight of your shopping with relative ease.

There are several advantages associated with having these mini bikes at home.

1. Mopeds are priced pretty cheap in comparison to their bigger variants. You can easily get a good one in a budget of around $1000, which makes them easier to own without burning a very big hole in your pocket.

2. They are also very fuel efficient due to their lightweight, and you can run them without spending a lot on fuel. Compared to the fuel efficiency of a 125 cc scooter or a motorcycle, these little beauties are extremely fuel saving, and take you many a miles before asking for a refill.

3. The lightweight frame of these Mopeds makes them ideal for use by kids and ladies. In the absence of gears, these Mopeds are a real fun for ladies as they just need to pull the throttle and apply the brakes to enjoy a long ride.

4. In most of the countries around Europe, riding a Moped does not require any driving license or taking any special riding tests to qualify. The maximum you would be required is to undergo a day's basic training, and you can go buzzing off on your moped wherever you might want to.

Considering the many advantages associated with a Moped and the freedom of movement it can bring to your life, there can hardly be any doubts about the overall utility of this lightweight travel accessory. Still, there are disadvantages too which also need to be considered while making a final decision whether you are going to buy a Moped or decide otherwise.

1. One of the key disadvantages associated with Mopeds is the lack of protection for the rider while moving on the road. In the event of a crash, there is hardly any cushion to save the rider from the damaging effect of an impact. Although a helmet might protect your head from a collision, but still the rest of your body is extremely vulnerable to lethal injuries caused during an accident.

2. Another concern with Mopeds lies in their inability to save you from extreme weather conditions including rain and snow. Though this concern is true with all the two wheelers available in the market, but still it is a negative factor which can greatly reduce your mobility during rains or snow.

But all in all, a Moped definitely seems a great purchase for your local traveling needs in the city, and can be a very handy accessory to help you manage your daily chores with great ease.

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    • Monarch.Starcrack profile image

      Monarch.Starcrack 7 years ago from Florida

      I see nothing but pro's in rinsing a moped

    • kencun profile image

      kencun 7 years ago

      My wife is from Taiwan, and I visited Taipei several times. The number of moped drivers is staggering. Especially with the price of fuel rising, I think that mopeds are a good option if you live close to work and shopping areas. Of course, they are not appropriate for highway driving, but are great for short trips.