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The Right Away

Updated on September 10, 2012

pedestrians or cars

car or person

Lately I have been very dissapointed with the people who drive cars these days, did they change the law to watch out for cars they may be speeding down your street so beware?

I live in a residential area and most of the times the cars driving on the street I live on, are always speeding *isn't the speed limit 25 mph when driving in a residential area? A lot cars driving on this street seem to be driving around 40 mph or higher! Just the other day I was crossing the street from my side of the street to the other side where my car was parked and this lady in a red Mercedes was driving pretty fast I guess she wasn't paying attention she almost hit me and she starts honking at me! I was so pissed off, because the actions of these people are so idiotic and they obviously think it's my fault (pedestrian), where's their common sense and common courtesy!

Also I get very upset because there are times my daughter and I will be crossing the street and cars come out of no where speeding and giving me a freaken heart attack because they almost hit my baby and I! Then they have the nerve to shake their heads at me! I have emailed the city a few times requesting a stop sign or cross walk because they recently built a new park right across the street but there is no cross walk! They sent me email saying that they can only put up caution signs for drivers to watch out for pedestrians. So, it has been about 2 months and don't see any caution signs any where!

Further more I don't only run into these kinds of problems in my area it happens every where even if there are cross walks and signals, people still seem to forget about pedestrians and drive inconsiderately and stupidly!

So next time you are driving be cautious to the pedestrians around and next time you are taking a walk beware of the bad drivers out there!


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    • sassydee profile image

      Delilah 5 years ago from los angeles, ca

      @mhatter99 yes wierd and kathleen I completely agree but these are people that live on the same street it's a dead end street and unless you live on it you probably wouldn't be driving on it and this happens in the day time and I do wear a lot of bright colors because I jog and work out!

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 5 years ago from San Francisco

      In my area, we have "lemmings". Not the little animals, but Chinese women, darkly clothed who venture out in the middle of semi-busy streets. Weird huh?

    • kathleenkat profile image

      kathleenkat 5 years ago from Bellingham, WA

      Hi sassydee; hope your week is well. Here are some observations I have about this Hub:

      I am not sure whereabouts you live, however, I can tell you that in Washington State, the law is: "Speed limit of 35 within city limits, unless otherwise posted." That could be why some drivers are going 40 in your area. Not that going 40 in a 35 isn't speeding, but it is more reasonable than going 40 in a 25. Sometimes I'll find myself speeding by a few miles per hour when going down hills, and not even realize it.

      Pedestrians do have the right of way...In crosswalks. That's not to say someone isn't going to yield to you if you're walking in the street. But that may be why people are shaking their heads at you. You are very correct that there should be a crosswalk if there is a park, or at least a speed limit of 25. School zones, in my experience, have always been "Speed limit of 20 when children are present." And otherwise 25. If they build a park, children will be present, and it seems unreasonable to me that they aren't putting up at least some "children at play" signs.

      Lastly, yes, we should all be aware of pedestrians while driving. Actually, we should be aware of everything that goes on around us. You never know when a cat might cross the street, or a deer, or a child. You also never know when other drivers are not aware of your vehicle (I try to make eye contact with everyone at a 4-way stop). But pedestrians should also be aware: The right of way is always given, never taken. If you are about to cross the road, but see a semi-truck or a bicycle coming down the road, it may be prudent to wait, because those modes have more difficulty stopping. Also, some people don't always see pedestrians at cross walks (people are less bright and reflective as cars) and always try to be aware and forgiving if someone doesn't stop for you. In Washington, we have these crosswalks that light up with lights on the signs and in the road, that tell drivers there is a person in the crosswalk. We also have orange flags for people to carry as they cross the street (though these get stolen a lot).

      I think we should all be aware of our surroundings when in or around vehicles. Pedestrians, even though have the right of way, should be very cautious around cars, because cars are driven by people, and people make mistakes all the time. I have not seen people in crosswalks before, because they are wearing dark colors, or its dark out, or whatever. I feel bad when I don't stop, but I would have certainly stopped for them if I saw them.


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