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The Top 10 Cheapest Cars of 2009 - Part 2

Updated on July 25, 2009
Elantra GLS
Elantra GLS
Lancer DE
Lancer DE
Spectra LX
Spectra LX

Part II (6-10)

If you have not yet read the prequel to this hub, The Top 10 Cheapest Cars of 2009 - Part 1, please do so now. If you have already read it and enjoyed it greatly, which I know you did, then read this one and be jolly.

These are the 6th - 10th cheapest cars on the market in America right now.

6. Toyota Yaris 3 Door $12,925

This is actually a car I would buy. Mainly I guess because it's a Toyota, a.k.a. Last car you will ever buy. The base model has crank-down windows and no radio, but I see this as the huge Jeep influence on the cute little Yaris... OK maybe not... It does come standard with A/C, power steering, antilockbrakes, six airbags, and a 106 HP engine witha manual trans. This car is very easy to park too. Adding features doesn't go overwhelmingly high either! The four door sedan is $13,685 and the 5 door hatchback is $14,205 with automatic transmission. Great buy I say.

7. Suzuki SX4 Sedan $13,994

The SX4 enters the Top 10 cheapest this year because the base is priced under $14k. power mirrors, locks, and windows, six airbags, antilock brakes, a 143 HP (fairly efficient) engine, and not to mention good looks. More good news: It's fun to drive, roomy inside, and as I said has good looks. Bad news: colors other than silver, white or red cost more (Doesn't bother me. Those are good colors), and the A/C and CD player cost $1,890 - SX4 LE. Overall, I think this is a nice car. Nice features, it's just the nicer features cost a little more.

8. Kia Spectra LX $14,200

All of the previous cars have been subcompact cars (with the Versa having the most room I believe), but this is the cheapest compact car available. Choose from black, white or silver, and then you get four airbags, and a CD player. A/C and automatic transmission can be had for $1000 each. Power locks and windows move you up to the Spectra EX for $16,200. When you are at that price, there are some way better cars out there than the somewhat unsafe, forgettable Spectra. Don't bother with this one.

9. Hyundai Elantra GLS $14,795

If you can live with your car not having A/C and a stereo, then you can get this great driving Elantra GLS for less than $15k! The base has six airbags, the whole power shebang, and antilock brakes. If you desperatelyneed a stereo and A/C, then you can get them in a bundle withcruise control for $1,750. With that, the price is $16,545. This is $1,100 less than a Nissan Sentra, and $800 less than your average Honda Civic. That's not all. Big roomy interior and nice large trunk. Great car.

10. Mitsubishi Lancer DE $15,035

It's almost as if the old street racing Lancer Evolution has grown up. Great looking car, but is missing a few features, some of which are vital to certain car owners. Mirrors and windows aer powered, CD player, a whopping seven airbags - one of them is at the drivers knees which is rare on such an inexpensive car. However, if it is A/C and antilock brakes that you want, then you had also better want an automatic transmission. Adding these things shoots the price up to $17,285. Not really a super dooper deal. Although, it is compared to a Honda Civic DX-VP, and you can probably get a better deal on this than that. This one definitely stands out.

Base Feaures Breakdown

10. Mitsubishi Lancer DE 
All pwr, CD 
9. Hyundai Elantra GLS 
All pwr, 6bags, ABS 
8. Kia Spectra LX 
4bags, CD 
7. Suzuki SX4 Sedan
All pwr, 6bags, ABS
6. Toyota Yaris 3-Door
A/C, Pwr Str, 6bags, ABS

 Thanks for reading this 2-part hub on the cheapest cars of 2009. The list, prices and what have you are from cars.about,com. Thanks!



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      parkerk393 8 years ago from Arlington, Texas

      And you are from where?

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      Harshith 8 years ago

      TATA Nano is the cheapest car....with just Rs. 1,00,000 (aroubd $2085)