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The Top 8 Largest Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs Of Australia

Updated on March 8, 2018

The Nomads MC

The Nomads MC are an outlaw motorcycle which was formed in 1980
in Sydney. The Nomads have chapters in several cities throughout
Australia including Adelaide, Newcastle, Sydney and Parramatta.
In 1997 Sam Ibraham the brother of famous Sydney nightclub
owner John Ibraham became president of the Nomads Parramatta chapter.
Sam Ibraham did not have to prospect to join like most members do.

The Hells Angels

The Hells Angels have many chapters spread througout the world
and Australia is no exception. The Hells Angels have 10 chapters
in many cities such as Brisbane, The Gold Coast, Adelaide, Melbourne
and many more. The Hells Angels main rivals are the Commancheros, Finks
and Mongols.

The Finks

The Finks were formed in 1969 in Adelaide.Many Finks members have
no patched over to The Mongols outlaw motorcycle club however
some members remain. The finks were involved in a brawl at a kick boxing
match in 2006 with their main enemy The Hells Angels. Many weapons
were used including guns, knives and chairs.The Finks were also involved
in a brawl at the Perth motoplex in 2010 where one Finks member lost
3 fingers and another was shot in the leg.

The Comancheros

The Comancheros were originally started by a Scottish immigrant in 1968.
In 1982 a second Comanchero chapter was formed which later was
patched over to the Bandidos. The Comancheros and Bandidos were
now enemies which lead to an altercation in Milperra in 1984
where 7 people lost their lives.The Commancheros were also involved
in an altercation in 2009 at a Sydney airport where one life was lost.

The Coffin Cheaters

The Coffin Cheaters Started In Perth in 1971. The Coffin Cheaters
were the first Australian Outlaw motorcycle club to expand overseas
starting 2 chapters in Norway.In 1989 The Coffin Cheaters along
with 3 other outlaw motorcycle clubs joined together to
get rid of a New Zealand gang The Mongrel Mob which tried
to set up in Perth.This lead to many violent altercations
and The Mongrel Mob were forced to leave.

Gypsy Joker

The Gypsy Jokers were originally formed in the USA however
they later started a chapter in Australia in 1969 when
members of the St Mary's motorcycle club formed a chapter.
The Gypsy Jokers now have many chapters throughout Australia
in cities such as Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Kalgoorlie.
The Australian Gypsy Joker patch is a grinning skull.

The Bandidos

The Bandidos are another international outlaw motorcycle club
that started out in Australia in 1983 after patching over a
Commanchero chapter. This lead to the altercation in
Milperra where 7 people lost their life.In Australia
the bandidos have many chapters including Byron Bay, The Gold Coast,
Sydney and many more.

The Rebels

The Rebels have more than 70 chapters with over 2000 patched
members making them the largest outlaw motorcycle club in Australia.
The Rebels originally started out in Brisbane back in 1969 and were first called
The Confederates but later changed their name.During a police raid
in the year 2000 a crocodile was discovered at a rebels club house.
The national president and former boxer Alex Vella was recently
deported from Australia to his home country Malta for being
the president of an outlaw motorcycle club.In 2011 The Rebels
expanded to New Zealand and have since set up in many different
countries including Fiji, Malta, Italy and more.


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