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The Volkswagen DSG Transmission Oil Change

Updated on January 8, 2012

The worst thing about owning the Volkswagen with a DSG (direct shift) transmission with two clutches in the automatic tranny is the cost, even when you follow the maintenance schedule of changing it every 40,000 miles.

At best, if you do it yourself, it will cost $130 for the filter and oil, assuming you only use imported German ATF from Pentosin, which sells for $18 a quart. The car takes 5 quarts. If you have a garage do it, they will charge you $250-500 for it because of the time consuming process and special tools required.

The only way to reduce this cost is to use American made ATF from Wolf"s Head. They have been making products since 1879, and their "super universal synthetic" ATF, fully equals the more expensive Pentosin VW recommends. It only costs $6 a quart.

This is used in Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Opel, and VW. Specifically, those requiring the number G-052-182-A2, G-052-162-A1, G-052-025-A2 many more. The oil can be used in most Japanese and American made cars.

Specs are: SAE-0-20W, API Gravity:35.0, Flash Point: 190C, Viscosity at 40C: 29.


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    • profile image

      tony 4 years ago

      After reading about the Wolf's Head synthetic working in The VW DSG I bought some for my wife's GTI. One thing I noticed is that the bottle has printed on the back not recommended for continuously variable or dual clutch transmissions. Hopefully this is an attempt to prevent litigation and not a statement about suitability. I need to completely flush the transmission due to water ingress (car was stuck in high water, totalled, and we're buying it back from the insurance company for a project car). I'm not about to spend $18/liter for fluid that's going to be run for a few minutes on stands and then immediately drained. Who knows how many hundreds of dollars worth of VW's overpriced fluid it would take to fully displace the water. I'm curious to see how the wolf's head does. If the trans acts right, I'll probably continue to use it. If not, I'll drain it and do a final fluid and filter change with the VW stuff.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      Good to know. I tend to agree, they just want to keep it all in the "german" economic zone.

    • hardlymoving profile image

      hardlymoving 6 years ago from Memphis, TN

      I've used the Wolfshead Synthetic ATF with great success in VW's, Honda's and Toyota's. It's also cheaper than Mobil I Syn ATF and about the same price but better then Toyota Type IV, Honda Z1 and the new Dextron VI. Just my opinion. VW with their 'only use' VW certified lubricants and coolants for better wear and longevity is bs. I've replaced VW and Honda power steering pump, for example, after having used their recommended, high priced lubricant. The units still failed.