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The best 5 modifications to do to your Harley Sportster

Updated on April 7, 2016

Harley Sporster Aftermarket Exhaust

Change your exhaust system

Some of the stock exhausts that you here now days are ridiculous you can barley hear the motorcycle which can not only be a danger but also can sound a lot better if you upgrade to a louder exhaust system. I purchased my Harley Sporster which already had aftermarket exhaust system that sounds great and also is loud enough that cars can hear you coming so people are less likely to pull out in front of you and cut you off. I just had a quick browse on eBay and you can pick up an aftermarket exhaust system for around 130 USD brand new. I am not sure how much it would cost to have it fitted at the mechanic because as I said my Harley Sportster came already fitted with the aftermarket pipes.

Change your mirrors

When I first purchased my Harley Sportster it came with some terrible aftermarket flame style mirrors they were really small to the point that you can barley see and they would always come loose whilst riding. It is very important to be able to see what the traffic is doing behind you in case you go to make a lane change etc. I purchased some skull mirrors about 2 years ago from Aliexpress and they have been OK the visibility was a little better than the previous mirrors and they have never come loose however I still think that they could be a little bigger the visibility could definitely be better. These mirrors are approximately 3 inches by 3 inches or 8cm by 8cm and sometimes your arm can get in the way and you can't see anything at all.So I have purchased another set of mirrors which I will be installing on my bike once they arrive. They are very simple to install it is as simple as undoing the bolt of the mirrors that are currently on your bike and installing the new ones. Below I have included a video of my current mirrors.

Forward Controls

Forward controls are a must if you are a taller rider I purchased my Harley Sportster with factory forward controls and to be honest they didn't really cut it for me as I am 6"8 so I purchased some accutronix 6 inch extended forward controls from eBay which makes a great difference if you are over 6"3 I would definitely recommend that you purchase this product. But both forward controls or extended forward controls are an excellent modification you can do to your Harley Sporster to get a more stretched out riding position.Here is a picture of my bike fitted with accutronix 6 inch extended forward controls.

Harley Sportster With 6" Extended Forward Controls

Harley Sportster with 6" extended Forward Controls
Harley Sportster with 6" extended Forward Controls

Bigger Bars

Higher handle bars is another great modification to do to your motorcycle. It greatly improves the riding position and makes it a lot more comfortable as you are in a more upright position and not having to lean forwards to hold onto the handle bars. My Harley Sportster came already fitted with 8 inch t bars personally I think the bars look great also mini ape hangers could be a good option they can give the bike a nice look as well. You can also get handle bar risers and use the bars that you already have on your bike. Also you may have to lengthen your cables depending on how high you want to raise your bars .Below is a picture of my Harley Sporster fitted with 8" T bars.

Harley Sportster with 8" T bars

Aftermarket Horn Cover

Now this modification is purely cosmetic. I have always thought that the left side of the bike could look better. The stock horn looks ugly. I think a horn cover would look splendid. you can pick them up relatively cheap from China and to be honest I think they look better than the kuryakn horn covers. Your two best options would be a v shield style or a skull style horn cover depending on the style you are going for. I haven't yet installed this product on my bike however I have been selling these products online here in New Zealand for the past couple of years and have only ever had good feedback. Below are a couple of pictures of these products

V Shield Style Horn Cover

Chrome V shield Cover
Chrome V shield Cover

Skull Horn Cover Style

Here is a video of my motorcycle running I hope that this article has helped you.


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