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Nothing is Impossible On An Ordinary Day

Updated on March 26, 2013

Like myself, I'm sure there are times in all our lives where we want to do something different. We follow the same old rules and set the same routines way too often. Just because someone once said that we need to act in a certain way, doesn't mean it's always the truth. So why not do something crazy, different or just out of the ordinary today and at the same time make a difference in the life of someone else?

Yesterday I allowed a driver to go ahead of me at the drive-through of a fast-food restaurant. The lady was on the phone and seemed to be in a hurry. Not sure of what could have been the urgency or even if there was any but all the same, I wasn't in a hurry so I let her go on in front of me. The lady ordered her food and took off. When I pulled up to the drive-through window to pay the cashier, I was told by the cashier that my meal was paid for by the driver of the car ahead of me. Now how sweet was that? I couldn't do anything but smile and thought, "What a gracious thing to do!" Later that day after work, I had to stop for gas and I noticed a young lady was counting out loose change from her wallet at the counter and needed only $6 dollars of gas to get to her destination I heard her tell the cashier. She didn't seem have enough so she ran out to her car looking for more loose change. I paid the cashier $20 and told her to put $10 dollars on my pump and $10 dollars on the lady's pump and to tell her the gas was taken care of.

That day, I as determined to make someone else smile just out of the ordinary, as someone made me smile earlier that day.

There are so many things we can do for one another breaking from our ordinary daily routines that could make someone smile. Can you think of a few things you would do for someone just out of the ordinary?

C'mon, go ahead! Spread some love and kindness today because it always comes back and it really will make you feel good all over! :)


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    • dl53acy profile image

      dl53acy 5 years ago from East Texas

      @moonfairy thanks so much for your comment; @ thanks Butch45 and yes I will pay it forward. I appreciate your comment! Blessings to you both!!

    • Butch45 profile image

      Butch45 5 years ago

      I love it paying it forward works. you can google pay it forward to know what I mean if you like . I live in a small town and at times when I am in a rush and two people are parked chatting blocking the road I have to stop and think only here. I have seen when it matters the same people will let you go first if they can. The true idea of paying it forward has always paid me back . I think of the times I stopped and changed someones tire or pulled some one out of the ditch. I usually always get those things back ten fold?? I am not sure why and never really want to know I am just happy that good things bring good things in great ways.

    • moonfairy profile image

      moonfairy 5 years ago

      Great hub =) I love doing the unexpected for people because it just feels so right. Last Christmas I approached the toll booth determined to pay for the person behind me. When I told the booth attendant she smiled broadly and said "well, that's funny! The person if front of you just paid for you!" I got such a kick out of that! As I drove away I peered in my rear view mirror and noticed that the person I just paid for was giving the attendant money...I assume he or she was doing the same thing! this hub made me thank you! voted up and awesome =)

    • dl53acy profile image

      dl53acy 5 years ago from East Texas

      Aww thanks Minnetonka Twin! What a gracious thing to do and I really do appreciate that! Let's just face it, people today are stressed and aggravated with a zillion things going on in their heads, especially with todays struggles, so those little special things could very well put a smile on someone's face. And guess what? It really does come back around just when you least expect. Thanks for your comment and sharing this Hub my friend! You are so sweet! Take care now!

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 5 years ago from Minnesota

      You just made my day my friend. Isn't it amazing that just letting that lady go ahead of you made her feel so appreciative that she bought your meal? I totally agree with you that doing these things makes the person feel better and maybe us even a little better for going that extra mile. Your story needs to be seen and I am going to tweet it and share it with followers. Thanks for the reminder of making someone's day and I plan to make sure I do it today, starting with getting your article shared, shared and shared... God Bless