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Think Before You Drink

Updated on September 4, 2016

You planned this night all day long, I needed convincing to leave the house. You said you'd be the DD so I got a drink because I trusted you. I didn't see your one shot turned into two, then three, then four. I thought you only had a beer just like you promised. You got in the car and so did I. You seemed fine. The alcohol on your breath was masked by the smell of a drink that was spilled on me earlier that night. We started to drive and I noticed your swaying. You said you were fine and turned up the radio. I ignored it. You looked a little tired, I offered to drive. You got offended and repeated that you were fine. 10 minutes went by and you swayed again, but this time you fell asleep and led us into on coming traffic. A pickup hit the passenger side and you were thrown out of your window. I was lodged between the dash and my door. The paramedics arrived and I heard them say it was a miracle you were still alive. I was preyed out of the scrap metal, but I didn't hear as good of news. Time of death, 11:45pm. They put you on a stretcher and sent you off to the hospital. My next stop was six feet under. Little did I know you lied to me. You were found guilty of DUI, homicide and manslaughter. Your family visits you every week and brings you new socks and toothpaste. Mine visits me too, with flowers and pictures. You were selfish, I was foolish. My friends and family blame you, but I blame no one but myself.

On average, every 53 minutes someone loses their life from drinking and driving. If you or someone you know attempts to drive while being intoxicated, think of this passage. There is nothing more unjust and horrific than death from DUI and nothing else that gets my blood boiling quite like this. No you can NOT handle drinking and driving. No matter what you say. Please be responsible and save a life.

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© 2016 Angela Martino


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