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Purchasing a Car? Read These Car Purchasing Tips First

Updated on October 4, 2012

Purchasing a car is a major purchase for anyone in these days. I mean if you consider that anytime that you turn on your television that you will see an automobile maker running an ad. Which for some people these ads will make you want to run out right away and take a test drive and get sucked by the salesman who is thirsting for the blood that they seem to smell from a mile away. One car salesman that I actually made a deal with convinced me that I needed to get undercoating on my vehicle, but after I signed the contract he told me that they would redo the undercoating which was going to cost me an extra two grand without even needing the undercoating! Here are some helpful tips to purchase a car and hopefully to help save you some money!

The first tip for purchasing a new or used car would be to study the vehicle that you are looking for and research the product throughly. If you know that the supply is higher than normal for a certain time period you might be able to manage to get them to lower the price because the supply is so high. Similiar to when you are looking in the fresh produce aisle of your grocery store when the summer harvest season is upon them the prices of your fresh produce is lower than your summer time cost! 

The second tip for purchasing a car would be to get a blue book value of your vehicle if you are going to be trading it in and a blue book value of the vehicle you are going to be purchasing. So that way you will know what the dealer should be offering you and what the cost of the vehicle you are purchasing should be. This tip for purchasing a car could possibly prepare you to walk out of the dealership if they decide to offer you a tremendous amount lower than what you feel it is valued at. You will also know if the dealership is trying to rip you off by charging a significant amount more than the vehicle is worth.

The third tip for purchasing a car is to if possible get a mechanic that you trust and know to take a look at the vehicle. Now if the vehicle is brand new straight from the factory you might not need your mechanic to look at the vehicle, but if you are in need of a used vehicle this car purchasing tip alone could save you tons of heartache if you purchase a used vehicle only to find out that the motor is already having problems.

The fourth tip for purchasing a car is to go over the car with a fine tooth comb. I know that my dad would spend hours at a car dealership looking at the exact same vehicle. I never really understood why he would be looking at the vehicle for so long, but now that I have been purchasing vehicle I understand. He didn't want to purchase a vehicle only to have to go back to the dealership in a month because the seats tore up, the radio quit working, or the motor started leaking oil.

The fifth tip for purchasing a car is to ensure that it is the make and model that you want. Some of the sales people have learned high pressure sales techniques that they will be able to convince you that you want a totally different vehicle than the one that you actually went to the dealership for. I know that I have fallen for this once on a lease and actually had to end up buying out of the lease because of the vehicle not working for me and my family after a year and a half!

Purchasing a car already is hard enough and a stressful time enough for many people. However, if you follow some of these great tips you will be able to avoid many of the pitfalls that are made by people. With the economy in today's climate being ever changing you will want to try to avoid as many of the mistakes that can lead to you ending up in debt for five years in a vehicle that you do not want.


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