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Tips for driving carefully

Updated on March 25, 2012

Driving Carefully

Make sure car is fully fit to drive:

This may seem clear, but before leaving make sure that the car is ready to perform its function. Make sure you have enough fuel to reach your destination. Where is the nearest filling station you can refuel? Properly check levels of oil and water. Does the car start up, as usual, or you hear any noises? Everything was in order with the wheels? After spending a couple of minutes to check before departure, you can avoid many hours of delays.

Get familiar with rout:

If your route is on unfamiliar terrain, explore the map and try to remember the possibility of more road. Do not hesitate to advance to find out all of the additional reference points for other drivers.

Make yourself comfortable:

If you are comfortable behind the wheel, it means that nothing will distract you during the trip. Adjust the seat and mirrors so that the dead zone of the review was minimal. Set the air conditioner at the optimum temperature. Connect your phone to the device hands-free - a very high percentage of accidents happen immediately when the driver with one hand holding the phone. However, even with a hands-free talk is better to reduce to a minimum so as not to be distracted from the road.

Leave in advance :

If you have time left over, you'll be calmer and avoid many unpleasant situations. When you are late, you probably are nervous, and often undertake risky maneuvers that could lead to road accidents.

If the road that you will, will take more than 2-3 hours, it makes sense to make a short stop, a drink of water and rest.

Follow the rules of the road:

Yes, there are absolutely stupid and useless road signs, as well as traffic police, who are more interested in their wallet, than safe driving. However, most rules and speed limits are due to clear and understandable reasons, and, adhering to the rules, you take care of their own personal safety. Avoid abrupt maneuvers, if reconstructed in a different row, you have not noticed a car nearby, then you have a smooth rebuild, and the other driver will have time to avoid a collision. Rebuilding the turn indicator lamps, and after making sure it is secure, follow him.

Be careful:

On the road, try to stay as far away from those vehicles that are moving unevenly, winds, they stagger from side to side. Behind the wheel of such a machine may be drunk, inexperienced or too old driver or the vehicle is in poor condition and no longer has the ability to go anyway.

If possible, try to stay away from trucks, trolleys and buses. Overview of the drivers of such vehicles is worse than in a car, and when you rebuild the driver may well have simply not noticed.

If you drive a truck over, keep a distance of at least 20 - 30 m rear wheel of the truck. It often captures the stones from the road, which can fly off into your car, damaging the windshield, headlights, or scratch the body. Not to mention the fact that out of trucks and garbage trucks drop large items (buckets, shovels, mount, etc.) that pose a threat not only to your car, as well as your health.

Observe the movement of the bands:

Go strictly on your own band, the crash will be easier to prove you are right, and indeed the probability of collision in this case is much lower. At the same time, the band at its best to stay a little left of center. Left-hand side you can see and control better than the right.

Make rigid rules for children:

Enter a rigid rule for the children who ride with you in the car, to distract mom is permissible only on vital issues. For all other issues can wait until the time when you can escape from the road for instance at traffic lights. Let the children be with their toys, books, players with headphones, electronic games - anything, that they are able to keep themselves busy with.

And most important rule – don’t be nervous:

If a situation on the road brought you out of yourself, stop, and calm down, and only then continue the path when you feel fully comfortable.


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