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Tips on Restoring Your Classic Car

Updated on October 14, 2010

Classic Car Restoratiob

Your classic car needs periodical restoration to keep it running and maintain its charming look. Though all car owners are fully aware of the need for timely restoration of their vintage cars, they face difficulty while deciding on the exact need for renovation. There are several issues and factors that demand close consideration in this regard. You have to find out from where they will get good quality spare parts, accessories and an experienced mechanic and the impact of restoration of your classic car on its existing insurance.

Tips on Restoring Your Classic Car

The following are some important tips that you should consider in case you want to restore your classic car:

1. Inspect the Car Properly

Thoroughly inspect your vintage car to find which parts cannot do without restoration before going for final replacement. Check if there are rusted parts, broken windows, heavily worn-out and mechanical parts that do not work. If yes, then be ready to restore them.

2. Look for Parts Cars

If the nonmechanical parts require restoration, it will be a better idea to first look for parts cars, accessories of which can be reused. If you can find parts cars, this might help you save a few bucks.

3. Always Buy New Mechanical Parts

For mechanical parts, do not go for anything other than stock parts. Though expensive, a stock engine will certainly last longer than the engine of any parts cars.

4. Refurbish Leather Accessories

If your vintage car has leather seats, try cleaning them first. If you find scratches after the cleaning process, it is time to restore them by applying a liquid leather solution of the same color as that of your car seat.

5. Select Proper Color

A proper painting and color selection is essential to enhance the look and attraction of your classic car. Find a paint shop that boasts a range of paint colors, particularly for restoration. Your objective is to find the color that matches your classic car.

6. Seek Expert Help for Restoring Chrome Parts

If the chrome parts seem to have lost their luster, which cannot be restored even by polishing, it is better to replace them. Try your hands at painting only if you have experience in this field, else the risk isn’t worth taking. Find a specialist, who can do the job better than you and re-chrome the detached parts to give them their original shape.

Now you know what must be done to restore your vintage car. The aforementioned tips will go a long way in helping you solve the problem of restoring your classic car and you will soon get the prize catch–your classic car back to its original shape.


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