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Tips on choosing the best 110v air compressor

Updated on July 31, 2016


Anytime you think of buying any air compressor, you would be required to be careful in considering several important features. Most outstanding features include; tough and highly portable compressor required for hire. An air compressor can be an electric, petrol engine or diesel engine device that changes power into kinetic energy through compression and pressurization of air which is then released in rapid spurts. Air compressors are broadly categorized into positive displacement and negative displacement. Positive displacement air compressors work by forcing air into a chamber, then compresses the air by reducing the volume of the chamber. Negative displacement air compressors pressurize air by accelerating and decelerating trapped air using centrifugal force induced by a rotating impeller.


The following factors should be emphasized or put into consideration while choosing air compressors for different applications.

Portable or fixed is the most important factor

Portable compressors have small tanks and require a dual stage cycle to be efficient under typical load conditions. Compressors with large tanks can be efficient as single stage units because they can have larger, heavier motors.

Consider the rating for the air compressor under full load.

For starters, choosing the best 110v air compressor should be a big deal. This is to ensure that you get the best value for your money and get the best compressor in the market too. Buyers should factor in the duty cycle which is measured intermittently or continuously. It is the rating for the air compressor under full load.


Service factor

Another factor is the service factor rating of the air compressor which is the percentage rating of the horsepower at which the motor can harmlessly operate. The best 110v air compressor should have a high service factor rating to prevent overheating or untimely failure of the motor.

Analyze the uses of the air tool requirements that you need

Make considerations basing on the applications. For instance, the compressor is to be used to power all the heavy-duty machinery industries or if it is to be used for around the house light-job applications like inflating titers or powering a caulking gun. If at all you are planning to have it for industrial application, you will probably go for a piston compressor that has a tank while planning to own a compressor for around the house applications; you will definitely prefer a portable compressor that doesn’t have a tank.

Try looking for Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) before making your final stand

It is also imperative to consider the Cubic Feet per Minute rating of an air compressor. This is the basically the rate at which the compressor can convey a given amount of air. This rating varies with the atmospheric pressure, humidity and temperature. It is calculated under atmospheric conditions at sea level. The cubic feet per minute rating of an air compressor is given at specific pounds per square inch which should also help you choose the best 110v air compressor.

Look at the horsepower of an air compressor

Making specific determinations is a most vital thing one is required to do. A universal variety for the horsepower (hp) on the air compressor ranges between 1.5 and 6.5 HP. The air compressors that have larger HP capacity exist though are generally reserved for industrial applications and offer greater psi. Small-scale applications won't require as much HP as industrial applications.

Choose between portable compressors and piston-type.

Essentially, there being two different types of air compressors, one is required to be keen while making a decision. Piston-type compressors depend on a motor that builds up air pressure during its depletion. This thus stores compressed air in the tanks. Portable compressors lack tanks and it stays running continuously so as to deliver air.

Shape determinant

After putting all these factors into perspective, your choice of the best 110v air compressor should also be determined by the shape, design ingenuity and the after sales services that a manufacturer offers. This combined with the authenticity of the manufacturer, i.e. how long they have been in business, overall rating of their products, and availability of spare parts among others.


In the 110v air compressor category, the Makita AC640 110v air compressor leads the pack. This can be attributed to its compact design that has kept its weight and size down. It is mounted on skids which help in carrying it around comfortably and also provide extra protection to its switches. It has an airflow of 170 liters per minute, rated at 6 CFM. In addition to this, it has a six-liter capacity tank which makes it ideal for doing it your self-jobs around the house, as well as for professional jobs, all this for less than $350 makes it a must have.


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    • Chamily Zoie profile image

      Chamily Zoie 2 weeks ago

      Hey, Diannah Debra!

      I hope you are well because of the article about Tips on choosing the best 110v air compressor is really contextual and very helpful. I want to give your article 5 STAR in rating for its advance information about choosing system. I see also a decent review of Air compressor Buying guide and choosing system here I hope this review also help the buyer of an air compressor.

    • essaygirl profile image

      Diannah Debra 20 months ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Thanks a lot Setank doing so right away. Am grateful.

    • profile image

      Setank Setunk 20 months ago

      Portable or fixed is the most important factor. Portable compressors have small tanks and require a dual stage cycle to be efficient under typical load conditions. Compressors with large tanks can be efficient as single stage units because they can have larger, heavier motors. I like your presentation and think you should add these considerations.