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Tips to Improving Safety on Rural Roads

Updated on January 17, 2014

In most cases a lot of emphasis is put on highway safety and major road safety while rural road safety is ignored or forgotten. Safety on the rural roads is just as important as on any other type of road. In fact it may even be more important due to the conditions of these roads which tend to be poorly lit and poorly maintained. Several safety measures can be put up on these roads to make them safer for everyone using them.


One road safety measure that should exist on these roads that tend to be very dark is the existence of retro reflective signs. Drivers are not able to see clearly what is coming towards their highlight beams. For example drivers are not able to see a 90 degree turn ahead on these dark roads. In such cases, a simple sign that warns them of the turn can help them drive safely.

Temporary Road Signs

Another way of keeping the rural roads safe is by putting up temporary water over signs to warn drivers of the water hazards. Most of them are built on marshy areas and hence they tend to experience flooding or get washed out when there are heavy rains. Drivers need to drive slowly on such roads but most of them do not see the hazards and end up hitting the water at high speeds. Temporary signs can be put up to alert them on the danger and make them drive slowly.

Emphasis on Road Safety

Rural road safety needs to be emphasized as much as the highway safety or major roads safety. Certain conditions on rural roads such as flooding, poor lighting and poor road maintenance make them more dangerous than the well-lit and highly maintained freeways and major roads. These rural road safety tips can keep drivers safe on rural roads.


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