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Automobile fuel efficiency tips- MUST KNOW

Updated on May 13, 2012

Fuel price is increasing day by day. The importance of keeping your automobile fuel efficient is increasing. By following good driving habits you can improve fuel efficiency by 60 percentage. Earlier it was 20 percentage but with the advent of modern technology now it is possible to save up to 60 percentage of fuel by following good driving habits. In every country there is an association supported by government to check the fuel efficiency of cars before it is released into the market. For example in India it is Automotive Research Organization of India. These efficiency tests are conducted under optimum conditions which are believed that cannot be achieved in normal roads. But there are drivers who is getting mileage better than this.

Tips to improve fuel efficiency of automobile by 60%

1.Change fuel in correct intervals

Modern cars require oil change only in 15000Km. In old automobiles it is 5000Km. But if your vehicle is traveling only less kilometers, change oil at least yearly.

2.Keep correct Tyre pressure

It is important to keep the correct pressure as specified by the manufacturer in tires. If the pressure is less friction will be high and mileage will be less. It is said that if the pressure is increased by 2 pounds than specified by manufacturer, mileage will increase. But if the pressure is too much, comfort will be less also it will affect the control.

3. Check wheel alignment regularly

It is important to check the wheel alignment in every 5000Km. If you are finding any problem in between this period also check wheel alignment and wheel balancing. If wheel alignment is not right, vehicle will be drawn slightly to the sides. This will affect the control of vehicle and will decrease mileage. Also Tyre wear will be high. Also do Tyre rotation in every servicing under regular intervals

4. Drive properly

This is the first point you have to consider. In the total improvement of 60% , half you can achieve by keeping vehicle in good condition for remaining half you have to drive properly. Drive cars in the topmost gear in a speed range 50-60Km/hr and the speed giving best mileage is 55. For two wheelers best speed is 40-50Km/hr. There is a famous calculation about decrease in fuel efficiency at high speeds. Fuel consumption at 80Km/hr will be 80% more than that at optimum speed. But depending on the processor tuning also there will be changes. So consult manufacturer or users manual for correct speed

5.Drive in the correct gear

It is important to drive in correct gear. Topmost gear is not suitable at all terrains. Unnecessarily gearing up and gearing down will decrease mileage. Trying to clear an uphill in topmost gear by coming fast is an example of wasting extra fuel

6. Use planned driving

Planning slightly while driving is necessary. Waiting for the last moment and using sudden brake is not good. Use brake slight before instead. Stopping vehicle intermittently will consume more fuel. Never use brake or clutch as a foot rest. Unnecessary use of these controls will decrease mileage.

7. Allow the vehicle to heat up before starting drive

Never drive by pulling the chock to heat the vehicle. Drive slowly and let the vehicle to heat up and then go to high gears. Idling for long time also will consume more fuel. If you are stopping for more than one minute turn off the engine

8. Overweight will decrease mileage

For every 25Kg increase in weight mileage will decrease by 1% .If you are loading the vehicle on the top, try to load it in an aerodynamic way. Operating AC in stopped vehicle will consume more fuel.

9. Avoid using car for travels shorter than 1Km unless unavoidable

10. Only use original spare parts for the vehicle and service vehicle only in authorized servicing centers


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    • AutoMechanic profile image

      Maria Waley 3 years ago from Australia ,Victoria

      Low inflated tires can lower the mileage of your car by as high as 10% in single month. These are higher figures considering an amount of petrol you may waste just because your car tires don't have the recommended pressure. Low pressure in tires means increased rolling resistance and increased traction resulting in more power requirement and load on the engine to propel the vehicle at the cost of more fuel. Keep checking tire pressure once a month and feel it within given limits for getting decent mileage.

    • vinner profile image

      vinner 4 years ago from India

      @Shakeel - Ideal speed for car/motor bike for getting maximum efficiency is 55km/hr. When you are driving at 80km/hr, fuel consumption will become 80% more, which is showing the effect on mileage. Try to drive at optimal temperature.

    • profile image

      shakeel 4 years ago

      I purchase a new yamaha sz-r 3 months ago.There is only one problem in my bike yamaha sz-r when i drive 40-50 speed on highway it gives 50 kmpl.but when i drive 60-80 on highway without any gear shifting aur braking it give 35 kmpl.thats why i drive 50 speed on highway.plzzz help me