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Top 15 Tips to Show the World That You Are Wise Driver in City

Updated on March 4, 2012

Safe Drive


How to Become a Wise Driver

In any city of any country you will never find the empty road to drive peacefully, especially in day time. Streets full of crowd, idiots and stupid people, anytime you will meet with an accident not because of your mistake but because of other's mistake too. While driving we should very careful and have to keep eye on every small and big thing in whatever comes from front. When it comes to market areas, beginner drivers always fail to drive in that confusing and mind-blowing rush.

Driving is an intellectual skill and combination many things in action. From the beginning this might be exciting but after some years later driving will become very normal thing. Driving in any type of road is always a risk factor somewhere; you never know when you will meet with accident, which you never thought about it. Driving is not all about inserting key, turn of the ignition, start the car, accelerate, put the 1st gear, release clutch lightly, race the accelerator and car start moving. There are lots of things behind it before you start-up car and ready to drive. When you hit the city road you will feel the world is full of stupid driver which drives you crazy anytime and sometimes because of those stupid drivers you might meet with some nightmare accidents.

Valid Driving License and Renewed Car Insurance

You can't drive without valid driving license. This is the very first step of being a wise driver. Get your valid driving license and keep renewed car insurance with you. If you will meet with some trouble this precious stuffs saves you from worst.

Always Follow the Traffic Rules

Traffic rules made for people safety. But people mentality is like "Rules are made to be broken". C'mon! By following traffic rules you can save your life as well as save other people life too, isn't a wise thing?

Little story about my friend, he used to drive too fast and furious in city road, always said traffic rules not made for him, he make rules for his life and he wants to live life-like he wants. I always thought he was a physco, after many months I heard news that he met with bad accident and died on the spot. He is no more now; I think you got the moral of the story.

Be Patient

If you have strong patient while driving in city, you deserved the best driver award. In rush hour we forget this word "patient" because your boss will terminate you if you are again getting late or your parents gets upset or your girlfriend gets angry or you many other reasons but I don't think this reasons is more worth than your life. If you lose patient and unfortunately meet with any worst accident, you will never reach there where you have to be there as well as you might pull other innocent people with you in danger. It's okay! They can wait! Never rush for invalid reasons. Make up your mind; Show the world that you have great patient which makes you wise driver.

Maintain Distance and Driving Speed

You can see many stupid drivers cutting off your car which quickly shocks you and make your heartbeats high. No matters how rush in road but I believe we can keep a specific distance between cars.

Learn this skill of driving its very necessary and worth before someone dash your car or you dash others. Keeping distance between cars is worth instead of cutting off and meets with any danger or unnecessary expenses.

When you are driving in middle of road your speed must the same as the other cars running out there and when you are driving side by side near to road edge you can drive in average speed. There are lots of misconceptions while maintaining driving speed. Many people don't know in which speed they have to drive in which part of the road. I saw many people drive fast in rush areas like Super Markets, or any public places where there is lots of crowd and especially they are teenagers. All they need attraction and get noticed. I never understand how they can get noticed if they drive very fast and disappear in few second.

Do Not Drink and Drive

You can see plenty of road accident in news everyday cause of drink and drive but still people do this big mistake. If you really buzzed hard and don't able to drive, give your car to other who can take you safely at your place. Avoid risk; many of your loved once want to see you tomorrow again.

Park Properly

Parking properly is another hardest thing in this world. It's a big stress, people got irritated if they don't get the parking place. While parking or leaving parking place, beginner or average drivers does many mistakes and it irritates other people, some may laughs at you. Most people learn how to drive cars but never learn how to park car properly, they never take this thing seriously. Don't be a victim of bad parking. Learn this technique.

Hold Grudge, Do Not Drive Angry

So lost girlfriend? Or caught girlfriend with someone else? or boss fired you or might be someone hurt you, hurt your ego, now you drive angry. Hold on! Stop the car and wash your face first, take your time until you feel peace in your mind. Honestly you will get lot time to think about it later when you will reach at your place but no need to think about it while driving, it will lead you in danger anytime.

Many people dies drive angry everyday. There are many grudge which drives you angry, but in front of life it looks very small. We know that nobody is perfect.

Skip Racing and Driving Stunts

Many stupid immature guys provoke you for racing with them in city, They provoking you by raising accelerators. Now this is really stupid and kiddish many guys usually do. Be a mature wise guy; just ignore those people who try to race with you in city without any reason. True racers never do this, they know where to race. Illegal racing harm yourself, your reputation and sometimes leads you in very big danger.

There is no need to show driving stunts in public places, that makes you very cheap and it's dangerous for other people. By doing all this stupidity you will get nothing but hate.

Skip Damaged Roads

Many times people take shortcuts and most of the times shortcut roads are damaged roads. For saving time they drive over damaged road, which damage car health and leads to big car expenses one day. Drive sensibly over damaged road, concentrate in road as well as other vehicles which are passing near by. Go slow over mud hole, care other people waking or standing and don't make their cloths dirty with your stupid driving, try to keep specific distance.

Let Them Pass

Some people really in hurry sometimes with valid reasons. People are in ambulance or some going to hospitals. Be wise and let them pass immediately as soon as you get the space. We usually don't know whose is suffering? Whose is dying? What is happening around us or in our city? This behavior might save someone's life.

Do Not Be Coward Driver

Never drive like coward; some people are over protecting of themselves. There is no need to be afraid that much cause other will help you to show the right way and keeps you safe. Just no worries, be confident while driving, don't panic in rush roads. Just calm down, control yourself and drive confidently.

Avoid Texting, Using Cell Phones and Always Wear Seat Belt

When your car fills with your brat friends, they must do fun, enjoyment and unnecessary shouting. Control the situation; you can drive slowly while your friends are making fun. Let them do whatever they want but you make up your mind and concentrate on your driving. Your all friend's lives including your life in your hands, so avoid fast driving.

In news channels you can see thousand of accident news texting SMS while driving car. I strongly recommend you, avoid texting SMS while driving and talking through cell phones, you can use blue tooth device for communicating. Don't forget to wear seat belt.

Do Not Kiss While Driving

While taking your girlfriend for long drive, you will find many beautiful places and points where you can stop the car and kiss properly so why while driving? Don't turn your sweet kiss into your last kiss of life.

Keep Extra Cash While Driving

Always keep extra cash while driving car because you never know when you need money for repairing or fixing any malfunction car spare part. It's a car, a machine build by human being but it's not a human being. A car company gives guaranty of the car but not predict the situations of future. Keeping extra cash to saves your time and might be other people time too.

Use Breaks, Horn, Upper and Dipper Sensibly

Over using breaks, horn, upper and dipper confuses people. As you know while driving your little mistake makes big difference. Use this things in right time and right situation. It will surely keep you safe.

Many people unnecessary blow horn continuously instead of waiting. They know they stuck in traffic jam and it takes few more minute to release. If you not keep distance between cars and suddenly breaks hard, surely someone hits you from the back and it will damage your car. If you over using upper dipper in night-time, it confuses opposite driver and sometimes that confusion may create big problems. Over blowing horn always irritate people lot and makes you stupid idiot driver.

Show the world you are great wise driver. Always drive responsible, sensible and safe!

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    • profile image

      utpal dutta 

      6 years ago

      These are good for every driver in every road condition.A driver also should be more learned because it has been found that wise decision often saves accident.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice Information

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice information,


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