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Top 5 Honda Integra Bodykits

Updated on May 12, 2012

Tired of wading through the seemingly endless amount of body kits for your Honda Integra/Acura Integra? I wouldn't be surprised. With the hundreds of aftermarket bumpers, sideskirts and spoilers available it's difficult to be satisfied that you've made the right decision on which part to spend your hard earned cash on. So, to help you out with your decision on which bodykit to choose for your Honda Integra/Acura Integra I've compiled my list of the top, or best 5 bodykits on the aftermarket today. If nothing else, this is just a good opportunity to see the kits on other Integras.

Here're my top five bodykits available for the Honda Integra/Acura Integra.

#5: Extreme Dimensions '90-'93 Honda/Acura Integra Big M Bodykit

If you've been looking for that classic JDM look then the Big M is the bodykit for your Integra. The simple lines on the sideskirts don't make any unnecessary exaggeration of Integra's already slick looking visuals, yet they still provide that lowered impression and give your car a noticably meaner stance off the ground. Similarly, the front and back bumpers provide just the right amount of attitude to your Integra whilst not skimping on the looks with those tastefully sized vents on the front that really compliment the Integra Headlights. This is a great looking kit for the Integra that is perhaps more focussed on tuning rather than ICE.

#4: Extreme Dimensions '90-'93 Honda/Acura Integra 4dr Blits Bodykit

For the driver who wants their Integra to stand out for the crowd, we have the Acura Integra Blits bodykit. The contrast between this and the stock Integra's visuals is vast, most notably due to the intricate detailing on the front bumper. If you're looking for that hot import tuner look then this is definitely the kit of choice to accompany that tropical paint. When you roll up with this kit people will know your Integra means business.

#3: Extreme Dimensions '94-'97 Honda/Acura Integra 2dr Millennium Widebody Bodykit

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So this bodykit is for those who thought the Blits kit was placid. There is no avoiding the head turning capabilities of the Millennium bodykit since it essentially gives your Integra hourglass curves. Just for comparitive purposes I've pictured the Nissan 300Z alongside the kitted out Integra since it's a renowned large car, but just look how the Integra dwarfs it with the Millennium kit! This is a wild choice for the wild of personality.

#2: Extreme Dimensions '94-'97 Honda/Acura Integra 2dr Buddy Bodykit

The buddy bodykit has just the right amount of flamboyance mixed with that perfectly slick racer look that will get you and your Integra a hell of a lot of attention. Integras look pretty race-ready to begin with, but this bodykit just applies that visual boost to the car that is sure to intimidate. Just make sure you don't hit any big bumps in the road...

#1: Extreme Dimensions '94-'01 Honda/Acura Integra S14 Conversion Bodykit

Now this is something special. You've always wanted to drive a transformer and now you can! The Nissan Silvia S14 conversion kit essentially morphs the front end of your Integra into the Silvia whilst retaining the Integra's soul with the rear lights. The JDM scene continues to confuse unassuming car fans by constantly interchaning parts from one car to another to create unholy 'hybrids', and now your Integra can be in on the fun.

This is the craziest kit for the Integra on the market today that's bound to get you some confused, but excited attention. Help get more SilTegras on the scene!

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