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Top Motorcycle Auto Auction Companies

Updated on July 14, 2010

A motorcycle auto auction is a great place to get a fantastic deal on a motorcycle or ATV.  These auctions typically offer their vehicles at less than half the price of what they’re actually worth.  Often time you can find a motorcycle in almost mint condition for less than half the price of what it’s actually worth when you go to one of these auctions.  Just make sure that for the most part you stick to a few respectable companies that you can trust.

 One of the best motorcycle auto auction companies is Salvage Bikes Auction.  They only offer bikes from licensed auto dealers and dismantlers.  All bikes are checked and ensured to be in good enough shape to sell before they are listed on any of their auctions.  The process is simple through the Salvage Bikes Auction Company.

 The first step to buying a bike from this motorcycle auto auction is to look through their selection and decide on the bike you want to buy.  Once you have found a bike you’re interested in bidding on you place your bet and if you end up with the highest accepted offer you receive an invoice that outlays all the payment information.  There is a security deposit required which is 10% of the offer and then the balance will be due plus a $50 handling fee.  Just remember that all fees are non-refundable so you can’t go back after you’ve agreed to buy a bike, but this applies to most auto auctions.

 There is also Biker Bids which is another worthwhile motorcycle auto auction company you can go through.  They offer some of the best bikes including Indians and Harley Davidsons.  They start new live auctions almost every week so you can keep checking back until you find something you like.  They even offer valuable information for first-time bidders on how to get started and find a great deal.

 You can go through the entire bidding and purchasing process completely online if you like.  You can get your new bike and have it delivered to your door without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.  At a motorcycle auto auction you can get a fantastic deal and leave off the lot with your dream bike at half the price.  Make sure that you get all the proper paperwork and keep it in a safe place, especially the warranty in case you need it.


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