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Toyota Camry Timing Belt 4 Cylinder Heavy Oil Pump Leak

Updated on August 22, 2014

Oil Pump

Do it once, not 3 times.

Okay so you want to do your timing belt and water pump on your 4 cylinder Toyota Camry. Your a sharp cookie so your going to also replace the water pump, tensioner, cam, crank and oil pump seal while your in there. You notice there is some oil coming out of the rear of the lower cover and this will probably take care of all that.

There is a pattern failure of the oil pump o-ring behind the oil pump pictured to the upper left in the photo at the top of this article.

Save yourself the time and trouble of having to do this job over by also replacing the oil pump gasket (o-ring) when you are in there.

Some times this will present itself as a profuse oil leak and it takes people a few tries before they figure it out.

Always do the oil pump gasket when doing these timing belts or looking for a profuse oil leak that looks like its coming from under the power steering pump.

The Toyota dealer sells this o-ring for about two dollars.


Oil Pump Gasket

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