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Tricking - Why Personalize Your Car?

Updated on July 3, 2009

Personalizing Your Car - Why Do You Do It

The perfect tricked out car sounds like the best thing in a long time. With the right personalization to your car, you can transform it into something that is uniquely your own. No one out there has the paint job that you have. No one out there will have the detailed interior that you love to show off. Why do you do it? What is behind the personalization of cars that drives you to the brink? For those that love their tricked out cars, the question is, why?

Auto Investment, Surely It's More Than That?

Perhaps you are one of those rationalized people that believe that they do things for the benefit in the long term payday. You are thinking about the future and you know that a pretty awesome tricked out car is going to sell well, making you some money.

While it is true that if you do a great job on it and really put your heart into the project you could walk away with a significant return on your investment, it is also the case that most people will put far more into their vehicles than they will get back from them. Yes, it is true that you will invest heavily in your car to get it to the point where you can say it’s the best thing out there.

An Awesome Automobile

Perhaps the investment is real.  There is another factor to consider about tricked out cars though in terms of investment.  Time.  It is likely that you will spend hundreds of hours working on the car yourself.  Or, if you do want to have someone else do the work for you, chances are you will pay for their time to make it happen.  Time is a large contributor to the investment you are making in your tricked out car.

Let's assume that investing in the future of your vehicle is what you are after.  But, with all of this money and time going into the project, are you getting enough out of it?  Perhaps not in terms of dollars and cents, but you may be getting more from the vehicle than you realize and you may be anxious to know that it is alright to feel that way.

Car Personalization Means True Ownership

As a teenager with a new car, you spent your days working and going to school and your nights busting your butt on improving the look and feel of your amazing car. It was not anything when you first purchased it. It was all you could afford. You did not let that stop you from taking the vehicle and transforming it into something that was truly the best it could be. Many people start out like this. They dedicate their time to a car or truck that was lost until it reached their hands. In doing so, they created a new life for the car, and a true identity for themselves.

There are plenty of people out there that simply do not understand the concept of tricking out cars for benefit.  You may not realize why it is so important either, at least right now.  Yet, there is something more and something truly amazing behind the experience that is sure to provide your family with the utmost in respect for you.   It is the heart that you put into fixing up that car that really makes it your own.

Personalization of the vehicle is one of the key ingredients in transforming it.  Everyone does something different.  You may target the engine as the place to make your signature mark.  Or, you may be looking at the paint job wondering just how creative you will be with this vehicle.  From the sound system within to the wheels and rims outside, it is up to you to determine what the best way to trick out your vehicle is.

Professionals often have a signature or a style that they use when they do this type of work.  While every car is different and unique to themselves, every artist (and yes, they are artists that work at restoring and tricking out cars) has their own unique style that they use.  It may be the type of work that they do or the ultimate finished product.  No matter what it is, the finished product can always be identified as their own.

This is why personalization of your vehicle is so important.  Sure, you can flip through magazines and hit every car show from around the country to see some great ideas and to work on improving your own.  Yet, ultimately, you want your vehicle not to be a copy or duplicate of someone else's.  What good would that do for you? What you truly want to find is a way of personalizing the vehicle to be your own masterpiece.  Every car you put into your hands should be thought of as your masterpiece.  It is your creation!

What Will You Create?

There are plenty of options out there for those of you looking for something unique to do to your vehicle.  Ultimately, you make the call and determine which the best choice for your desires is.    Perhaps you have heard of iced out cars, pimped cars or lowered cars.  Bling cars are a big term out there.  Perhaps you want a souped up car or a slammed car.  Even a simply modified car or truck is what you are after.  No matter what term you want to use, the goal is to find a unique way to present your style and to go with it.

It Is All About Auto Restoration

For some of you car lovers, it is not about adding the bling to your vehicle to see the benefit that it offers. Instead, for you it is all about restoring a car to its glory days. Perhaps you, as a passionate restoration artist, are one of the most important people in this line of car owners. With the work and dedication that you put into these vehicles, chances are pretty good that you will literally fall in love with the process.

For those that restore vehicles, the passion comes from perfection.  Getting the very nuts and bolts down to being the originals used in the vehicle is important.  You want the tires to look sharp, crisp and perfect.  You want someone to walk up to the vehicle and think that it is brand new even if it has 150,000 miles on it technically.  For people with this type of dedication and passion for restoration, the ultimate goal is perfecting the finished piece.

In personalization in the restoration area, there is still a strong hope and demand.  For example, you may want to restore the vehicle to the level of perfection that is just you.  You may want to be passionate about the engine to such a degree that anyone would know your work.  Even if you are someone that is restoring rather than tricking out cars, your passionate level is still the same as it has always been.  Personalization is something that you still have.

Getting Your Education

Perhaps you want to be this passionate and you want to have the skill that will deliver this level of prestige to your name.  The good news is that you can do just that.  Nearly all of those that restore or trick out cars do so because of a love of vehicles.  They do it by learning the ins and outs of the vehicles and they understand the science and math behind the process.  Most importantly, they are able to provide each of their cars with an understanding.  How in the world can you learn such a craft?

You can, but it takes time.  Do not assume that you can be a perfect restoration master in just a matter of days.  Instead, start the process with car modification options that you know about and work on learning something else, something new.  There are many great things to learn and to do so turn to the professionals, to the web or through the various resources available to you.  Consider what you want to trick out and how you will make it happen.

Find out how to trick out the vehicle based on style as well as performance.  Some love to spend their time on suspension options while others are looking at the wheels for modifications.  Still others are planning to enjoy the tricking they will do by pulling more power from the engine.  Still others want to take on the interior of the vehicle. 

Perhaps the most prominent thought is getting the vehicle to higher levels of speed.  Do not forget that body kits and paint options are perhaps the most well known of all methods of tricking out cars.  Still, you can do so much with vinyl graphics and adding just the right accessory style lighting to the vehicle.

Personalization is about what you want and need to do with the vehicle. It is not just a hobby. It is definitely not the waste of time others think it is. What it is happens to be one of the most important things for all people.

That is the ability to transform something and to make it completely their own. For those that plan to enjoy all those hours improving their vehicles, the process starts with education. Get it and get good. Personalize your vehicles to the point where anyone can look at it and know that you did a pretty amazing job, yet again.

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by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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    • Pete Maida profile image

      Pete Maida 

      9 years ago

      I don't think there is a huge market for tricked out cars. I think tricked out cars are of interest to a some portion of the population. If you're in an area that is big on that kind of thing and your modifications are popular at the time, you can make money. Other than that is would be like trying to sell a house with red and purple rooms. One of the greatest creators of all time died recently. Big Daddy Roth created street machines like "The Outlaw" in the late sixties and all of the kids loved them.


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