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Triumph Motorcycle Parts

Updated on September 7, 2010

Triumph are the second oldest surviving motorcycle manufacturer in the world next to Enfield (and oldest British) still operating today. Founded in 1885 in Britain, and producing their first production motorcycle in 1902. They have been through a few financial difficulties over the years but are still around today producing some of the most desirable motorcycles on the road.

70% of Triumph motorcycles post war were sent to the USA for debt reasons. Later on with the American demand for long distance riding, Triumph reacted by producing bigger engined motorcycles (650cc) and were always a popular alternative to American Manufacturer Harley Davidson and were also popular for conversion to trike motorcycles.

The Triumph Bonneville (named after the Utah salt flats) proved popular setting records and out sporting the Harleys in almost every aspect and led to Triumphs popularity rise in the USA.

Where to Find Triumph Motorcycle Parts

The first place for the cheapest Triumph motorcycle parts you can check is a junkyard, however these (especially motorcycle specific ones) can be hard to find and even more so finding Triumph motorcycles.

After this you can try motor factors buildings. These are where mechanic garages go to purchase motor parts for their work and although public prices are slightly higher than trade, you should be getting them at one of the main hubs and therefore making a saving.

You can also try garages local to you if you can not find motor factors. Although the chances are these garages will order from motor factors or their online source of choice.

Next you can try specialist Triumph dealers online. There are many companies which advertise and keep their specialty to one brand of motorcycle and these are usually the best ones to go for as they are always more efficient in finding what you need. They are also more likely to have it in stock as opposed to providing you with a generic solution or needing to order it in.

Finally you can try Triumph themselves. However this is usually the most expensive way. They can usually get the parts for their older models, although they may not want too due to hassle so be sure to wave some money their way if you can not find the part you need elsewhere.

Alternate Places to Find 2nd Hand Triumph Motorcycle Parts

If you still can't find the Triumph motorcycle parts you require new then fortunately there are second hand options. Whilst rubber parts tend to deteriorate after approximately 7 years and are not a recommend 2nd hand buy, metal parts do last providing they haven't been over stressed and have been used as designed.

eBay is a reasonable source but it can be unreliable not non-disposable parts (i.e. good for spark plugs) and you may be waiting months for the right part and even then may get outbid at the last moment, devastating!

A better idea is to search on Triumph owners forums. The chances are their is a lot of enthusiasts for your model and someone around the world will have the part spare and happily send it on for the right price, there is a big Triumph following in the UK as that is where Triumph is from so you will likely find your required part from there. This method has never failed me when I own rare models of cars or motorcycles. You still might have to wait a bit, but something always turns up - put out wanted advertisements and you might get lucky quickly.

Triumph Motorcycle Covers and Helmets

If you are after a motorcycle cover to protect your Triumph motorcycle be sure to check out my motorcycle cover guide!

Of course it is always highly advised you keep your motorcycle helmet up to date too, did you know they deteriorate after 3 years? For more information check out my motorbike helmet guide to keep up to date.

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