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Driving Etiquette

Updated on May 31, 2017

Needed: Driving Etiquette

Well this week, I was almost made into a semi truck's hockey puck.

On a two lane highway, I put on my blinker to merge, as there were cars coming onto the highway. Did the semi pause? No, he attempted to go faster. I still moved over for oncoming traffic. Then, I moved back over to let the trucker go by, in which he extended his middle finger, so I did the same. Really? Does the obscene gestures really solve anything? Just get over your road rage and move pause long enough for people to get on the highway. My sister-in-law just started driving in this country not too long ago, and she had to pull over on the shoulder, WITH A BABY IN TOW, because a trucker would not let her onto the highway.

How many baby's lives should be ruined just because you could not follow simple highway etiquette?

Safety FIRST

Please be cautious, semis might be bigger, but you don't own the road. There is no place for bullies on the highway. You could really destroy someone's life. The smaller vehicles do carry families after all, babies included. Please think safety first.

Road rage is a serious issue. There have been lots of semi accidents in the State of Missouri. (Not sure about everywhere else on the U.S. highways?) Apparently, lots of accidents are being caused by semis. One case, had me almost get lost because they spilled all of their haul, of seed corn, onto the highway, and they had to close the highway down and I had to find another way to get home. (This was BEFORE I had a droid cellphone and could get on MapQuest to find the direction in which I should go to get home. Deer and other animals were a serious issue when some of the seed corn remained on the roads at night.) Truckers need to maintain the mentality that bigger needs to be wiser, and not bullies. Truckers should be more concerned about their load and not being first. Safe is better than sorry.

Next time, I will be writing down license plate numbers and contacting the Department of Transportation, or Highway Patrol. If you cannot drive your big haul safely, you shouldn't be driving at all. SAFETY FIRST!!!

Christmas Luncheon Conversation

I think maybe some of these highways should have crossovers, as there have been MANY who have attempted to cross the highway lately. (I know people who knew both of these people.)

Accidents in parking lots

Recently I have noticed many incidences in parking lots involving a vehicle and a pedestrian. People outside of their cars have the right of way. Yet, I have seen a woman almost run over and broke some merchandise that she had just purchased. I have heard of one client having to save a kid from being run over by a car in front of a store. Furthermore, today, I got to hear another client, who was getting shopping carts, have a car back into the carts that he was retrieving. Luckily, I was there. I got him calm enough to go inside to get the word to his employer what had happened. On our way into the store, a woman came up to him and asked if he was alright? She stated that she witnessed what had happened. Supposedly, she saw the person get out of the car and say, "HE hit my car with those carts." She said, "No, I am pretty sure that YOU hit him." She gave us her name and number, which was given to management, to block any retaliation against my client for doing his job. When I left, the management team agreed that they had my client's back.

Please people, slow down in parking lots. Pedestrians DO have the right of way. One of the stores that I frequent, an elderly woman died when someone backed into her. Imagine this being your mother, wife, or child and slow down.


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