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Tuning your car to Make it High Performance

Updated on January 31, 2016

Car Tuning: an Industry and a hobby

With rising cost of fuel these days, it's no surprise that you find the average Joe tuning his car to squeeze every last bit of performance out of it in an attempt to increase it's fuel economy. Even with the high cost of fuel, the majority of automotive tuning enthusiasts are still the ones who are trying to get speed and performance out of their vehicles. With little or no regard for fuel economy. There is a vast array of automotive accessories available to the “speed junkie” to pep up his or her ride. What used to be a hobby for men with muscle cars has changed dramatically. First off, it's not only men you'll find getting all greasy under the hood of their car on the weekends anymore. Women are vastly becoming a common fixture at the track or the local quarter mile, racing their heavily modified street rods which are quite different than they were a quarter century ago as well. Modifying cars has become a multi-billion dollar industry in past decade.

Just walk into any local auto part store, look around and you're bombarded with parts, tools and additives that are guaranteed to greatly increase your fuel economy, which in this day and age can be very appealing to anyone. However, when I think of tuning my car, I'm usually not thinking about saving a few bucks on gas. The part stores that car tuning enthusiasts go to are a little bit different than your local part store. These stores carry mostly high performance parts. Parts that make you go fast.

A lot of the cars being tuned today are not your daddy's GTO, instead it's quite common to see foreign imports being tuned for the track. Take a stock four cylinder import, throw a few thousand dollars into it, and you've got an exciting new weekend hobby (racing).


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    • hardlymoving profile image

      hardlymoving 4 years ago from Memphis, TN

      After working on cars for over 30 years, the only car that's easy to modify without engine work is the VW TDI. Put in new high flow fuel injector tips and have the ECM modified for increased turbo boost and wammo ... you've got more power ...with no drop in fuel economy.