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Type of car motor oils

Updated on February 10, 2011

Changing motor oil is one of the most important things when it comes to maintenance your car.

It should be done when you drove about 10 000 – 15 000 km (6 200 - 9 300 miles). When your car is new and you are first owner the thing is easy. You have to go to your dealer and let him do the oil change. But if you buy used car the things can be quite tricky. Main thing you need to check is what type of engine oil is in your car now. We have three main type of oils on the market :

mineral oil – it is made in old technology and it is often use when you have old car. If you have this type of oil the best thing is to replace it with same type.

Semi-synthetic oil – this one is something between mineral oil and synthetic oil. It is better the mineral oil (especially in winter). Sometimes you can replace mineral oil with semi-synthetic oil but be careful. When engine have a lot of kilometers it can be quite dangerous because semi-synthetic oil can “flush” old mineral oil and make your engine lose it compression level.

Synthetic oil – the best and the most expensive type of motor oils. It should be used in new cars and that with a lot of horsepower. Synthetic oil is the best lubricant for engine. It have very good parameters and then don't depends on season, temperature etc.

So now you know that synthetic oil is the best. But how to find out which one should go to your car? If you're not sure about type of lubricant you should use don't do any experiments and go to car workshop. But remember : it is always safe to replace better type of oil with worst but never in opposite!

You should always change your oil when engine is off and hot. First thing to do is get rid of old oil and fill the engine with new one. How to do that and how many oil put into engine are different for most cars so you have to look to manual or check this on internet.


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