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Universal LED Fog Light Installation Guide

Updated on October 23, 2013

Universal LED Fog Light

Universal Fog Light Installation

This super-bright, universal LED fog light can be installed on any vehicle and in any location desired. Yet, despite its universal applicability, you will still want to observe all of the preparation and safety procedures that you would follow whenever working on a vehicle.


Place a sheet or work mat down adjacent to your work area. You can use this as a staging area which will protect the components being installed from damage. Be sure to have a receptacle to hold any screws or bolts you may have to remove or install.


Please be sure to use protective eyewear and gloves where necessary. Whenever working on the vehicle's electrical systems take care not to shock yourself.

Recommended Installation Tools

The Recommend Installation Tools for this project are as follows:

  1. Trim Pad Remover
  2. 14mm Wrench
  3. Drill Bit
  4. Cordless Drill

Not all tools may be necessary for all jobs. For example, if you decide to install the LED fog light in an area where there are pre-drilled holes you will not need the bit and drill.

Step 1 - Open the Hood

Open the hood to expose the installation area.

Step 2 - Decide Upon Mounting Location

Decide upon the best mounting location for the fog light.

Step 3 - Drilling May Be Required (Optional)

If you decide upon an installation location that does not provide holes you will need to drill holes for the 14mm bolts.

Step 4 - Adjust Brackets as Needed

Adjust the included brackets as needed.

Step 5 - Tighten 14mm Nuts

Tighten the 14mm nuts on the mounting bolt that attaches the LED fog light onto the bumper.

Step 6 - Find Wires to Tap for Power

Find suitable wires to tap for power then with connect the fog light wires to the stock wires with quick connectors.

Step 7 - Wrap Connectors with Electrical Tape

Once you have connected the fog light to the stock wiring wrap the connections with electrical tape.

Step 8 - Zip Tie Any Excess Wire to Stock Wire

Using zip ties, tie down any loose or excess wiring to the stock wire harnesses.

Step 9 - Check All Electrical Connections

Once you have completed your installation please bes ure to run a thorough check of all of the electrical systems of the vehicle.

Universal LED Fog LIght Installation Video


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    • rvinyl profile image

      rvinyl 4 years ago

      Yes, I think it is a matter of both low cost and ease of installation. We seem be selling a lot of these lately. Thanks for your comment!

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 4 years ago from USA. Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October 2016

      This is interesting and I am seeming to see increasing numbers of LED headlights on autos in my city.