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Used Trucks NZ

Updated on March 24, 2016

Used Trucks For Sale NZ

The building trade in New Zealand has boomed in recent years. One of the main reasons lies with the natural disaster in Christcurch that occurred In 2011. A devastating earthquake struck the city and many buildings collapsed or had to be demolished.

In the ensuing years a rebuild has taken place of the city and tradesmen of all skills have flocked to the city. The industry has flourished as a result and resources have been required on a scale never seen in New Zealand before.

Trucks and diggers are one of those resources that have seen a demand increase. There are many companies in the country that supply second hand or used trucks and diggers and all have seen business increase as a result of the demands of Christchurch.

Established commercial truck dealers buy, sell and trade secondhand trucks and excavators, and they specialise in smaller commercial trucks and excavators up to 8 tonnes too.

The added benefit is that such companies have years of experience and not only know the industry well but have a large knowledge of trucks and earthmoving equipment.

Used Truck Sales
Used Truck Sales | Source
Used trucks for sale NZ
Used trucks for sale NZ
truck dealers christchurch
truck dealers christchurch

Types Of Trucks

There are a number of types of commercial trucks. Below are a few of the versions of trucks available for commercial and heavy use.

Concrete transport truck

A cement mixer of concrete mixer is a truck that combines cement aggregate and water to for concrete. A concrete truck will have a revolving drum that keeps the concrete turning whilst in transit. Then on arrival it is ready to pour.

Mobile Crane

This is exactly what it says, a crane mounted on a truck. This allows transport of the crane and in some cases even on highways. This eliminates the need for special machinery to transport these cranes.

Dump Truck

A dump truck or a tipper truck is a truck used for transporting loose material such as sand, gravel or dirt to construction sites. A tipper truck normally has a open-box bed which tilts using hydraulics. This allows the material in the truck to be dumped out of the truck easily.

Garbage Truck

Garbage or Rubbish trucks and specially designed for collecting waste. The waste is then taken to treatment facilities or landfills for disposal. Mostly seen and used in urban areas.

Log Carrier

A flatbed truck can either be articulated or rigid. Flat bed means that it has a level body with no sides or roof. This is ideal for transporting construction equipment or logged trees.

Refrigerator Truck

A refrigerator truck carries loads that are perishable at required temperatures. The compartment is cooled in a variety of ways from ice-cooled to mechanical refrigeration to carbon dioxide.

Tractor Truck

A tractor unit is a heavy duty towing machine that provides motive power for hauling a towed or trailered load. These fall into two categories: very heavy-duty typically off-road capable, often 6x6, military and commercial tractor units, including ballast tractors, and heavy and medium duty military and medium duty military rear-whell drive "semi tractors" used for hauling semi-trailers.

Tanker Trucks

A tanker truck is the type used for hauling petrol that you see on the highways. This is more commonly known as a petrol tanker. These tanker trucks can be insulated or non-insulated and either pressurized or non-pressurized.

Truck News Top Of The South Island

A $221m investment over the next three years will make the transport network across the top of the South Island more safe, resilient and cycle-friendly, according to the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA).

Central Regional Director Raewyn Bleakley said the National Land Transport Programme for 2015-18 included an investment of $148m for the day to day upkeep of the roading network throughout Tasman, Nelson and Marlborough over the next three years.

"The top of the South Island has a varied and challenging roading environment that provides an economic lifeline for forestry, horticulture, viticulture, commuters, and tourism. Keeping our roads safe and reliable, and keeping them open when Mother Nature strikes, is vital to the continued growth of our vibrant economy."

Planned improvements to State Highway 6 on the Rai Saddle and the Quarantine Road roundabout were expected to improve journey times while making these routes more resilient and safe, she said.

Bleakley said Nelson would see sharp rises in investment in cycling, which would help to improve safety and traffic flow, while also keeping people healthy.

Last week it was announced that Nelson would receive a $3 million boost from the Government to get the coastal cycleway route along Rocks Rd through Tahunanui to the airport under way as soon as possible.

Bleakley said NZTA's key focus in the fast-growing Tasman region was keeping communities connected and keeping roads secure and resilient for freight and tourism. Recent flooding in other parts of the country are a stark reminder of how weather events can impact local communities, and the programme provides funding for a project to improve the resilience of State Highway 60 against weather-related closures.


Hybrid Waste Truck

With a reduction of waste going to landfill effective collection has become a priority for councils and truck manufacturers, Especially with regards environmental factors needing to be considered.

And as a result Hino NZ has built Australasia's first hybrid rubbish collection truck. They launched the vehicle at their Auckland showroom at a recent event.

It is called the Alley Cat 11 and is a light duty 915 hybrid prototype. It has a payload of 4000kg on an 8500kg GVM 4x2 configuration. The hybrid technology maximises fuel efficiency with a minimal carbon footprint. The truck produces 110kw (150hp) and 420Nm (310lb/ft) of torque and has a five speed AMT transmission. It boasts ABS braking, traction control, vehicle stability control and automatic fail safe brakes.

The environmental considerations even extend to the body of the truck. The body is made of recyclable Plaztuff polymer sheets which also makes it a third lighter than steel. The fact it is not steel makes it also corrosion and rust free.

Moving parts, such as the tipping body, are all electro-hydraulic. The cab is ergonomically designed and is the smallest of its kind in the waste truck industry.

Auckland City Council in New Zealand has been running its organic waste collection trial for the last few months. Tenders have been put out and the Hino truck will be made available to all the waste management companies.

Hybrid Waste Truck
Hybrid Waste Truck

Buying A Used Truck

As with buying anything, research is the key to getting the best deal. And we're not only talking about a deal money wise but also ensuring that your purchase matches all your requirements.

First of all start with what you intend to use the truck for. This sounds obvious but you'd be amazed how many people purchase a truck that doesn't do everything they require it to. So, list all the functions your truck will need to undertake.

Once you have that then look for the types of trucks that perform all the functions you need. Make a list of the trucks that match your criteria. Determine what engine sizes and types you need and also how large the truck should be.

The next stage is to do comparisons. Find the makes and models of the trucks that are suitable and start comparing them online. Doing a simple Google search looking for the difference between two particular types of truck will bring up valid results.

Someone somewhere will have done the work for you already, you just have to find their results online. There are so many people and companies who write reports about the trucks you are looking at.

Next, work out what a reasonable price is for your truck. Look at auction websites as well as secondhand truck dealers websites.

Once you know what you want and what you should pay for it, you are in a good position to start actually looking for your truck of choice. Visit local truck dealers and see what is available. Look at secondhand listings in papers and online. The market is competitive and you should be able to get a deal that suits you.

Preparation and research is the key.

Keeping Drivers Awake

It's a classic problem - drivers on long journeys falling asleep at the wheel.

Well a NZ based company, FleetSafe NZ, in partnership with American technology firm Seeing Machines, has brought the Driver Safety System (DSS) to New Zealand, has come up with a solution.

The truck will sound an alarm and vibrate the seat when it realises the driver is falling asleep.

The fatigue monitoring system has sensor equipment mounted to the dashboard that observes the driver's face, tracks head alignment for potential distraction and analyses eye behaviour to detect micro sleeps.

When the device detects abnormal activity, alarms activate in the cabin, the driver's chair vibrates violently and an alert is sent to Seeing Machine's 24-hour office in Arizona who then alert the company's dispatch office.

The company can then contact the driver. Taranaki-based Symons Transport is one of three companies testing the system and is reaching the end of 60-day trial, using the devices in five trucks.

Transport manager Murray Symons said he'd been impressed with the results.

"It allows our guys to check up on them and make sure everyone's feeling alright and suggest pulling over, having a break and freshening up or even putting them into a hotel for a night and sending another driver," Symons said.

"It's more about prevention than reaction." Symons said some drivers were initially sceptical of the technology but once they realised they weren't continuously being watched, they've all got on board.

If all goes to plan, Symons hopes to roll out the technology across his 50-truck fleet early next year at a cost of $150 a truck each month.

General manager of FleetSafe NZ, Charles Dawson, said the system helped companies uncover undiagnosed sleep apnoea, a condition that affects roughly one in three drivers.

"You can do everything in your power with scheduling, dietary requirements and sleep routines, but if you have just one bad night's sleep that can become a danger."

He would like Seeing Machine technology in every professional driver's cabins.

The device comes after Waikato truck driver Albert Pahina was disqualified from driving for two months and ordered to do 120 hours of community work after admitting to driving for 27 hours non-stop.

He previously pleaded guilty to seven charges, including exceeding the 13-hour work limit, failing to rest and false log-book entries.

Commercial vehicle investigation unit Senior Sergeant Lex Soepnel said the case sat at the top end of similar cases and that driving for hours on end without a break was as bad as driving drunk.

Figures released this week showed truck drivers were to blame for 46 per cent of crashes involving their rigs in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty in the 30 months to June 30.

Keeping Truck Drivers Awake


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