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Vehicle Reviews

Updated on August 5, 2019
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Alex has taught at seven public schools, been accepted into three honorary societies, and traveled the Americas and Europe. He has his BS.

Motor Scooter

Some time ago, I bought a motor scooter. The scooter was made in 2000. These kinds of vehicles are very fun. I recommend always wearing a helmet. The scooter I had was pretty cool, because there was a storage area under the seat. I also like how fast she was capable of going. Motor scooters are beautiful vehicles. Don't be too hesitant to buy one just because of their reputation. They can still get you from one place to the next (so long as you ensure that the speed capacity is good for the roads that you will be applying her on).

Lincoln Town Car

The 1994 Ford Lincoln Town Car was one of my favorite vehicles. I loved this car. These cars are huge, heavy, and completely gorgeous. The seats are leather. The trunk is big. Everything is big. There is plenty of space. I miss this car so much. When I see other Ford Lincoln Town Cars, I remember mine. This one had to eventually be scrapped, like the Taurus which you will read about shortly.

Ford Truck

My first vehicle was a white Ford truck. Her trunk was gorgeous, and the tool box in the back was amazing. I don't remember too much about her. Not the model or much in terms of the way she drove (she must have drove well enough). I do remember laying on the bed with one of my best friends. She loves vehicles. I've had three Ford vehicles so far, and I have loved them all.


Chevrolet Cobalt

One of my more recent vehicles was the 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt. Mine is blue and beautiful. This car does not use electronic windows, but instead windows that crank up and down by the power of the hand and wrist. Unfortunately, for bigger people like me, the car is rather small. However, my mother says that it is just the right size for her. By and large, she drives very smoothly. I'd state that she drives much more smoothly than most of the vehicles I've had so far. She doesn't have much room for storage, but she is very good looking. The interior looks very nice, and she has a nice feel to her. The one disadvantage is that she appears to eat a lot of gas, despite her size. Although, I may be being unfair due to the additional attention I give her. Fortunately, she cries out (this is intentional) when she is low on fuel. She also has four doors, five seat belts, and a sizable trunk. The speakers are not as vulnerable to the elements as they are in some vehicles. The radio comes with the ability to store a large number of favorite channels. I love this car.

Ford Taurus

The 2004 Ford Taurus was a great car. I loved her very much. She was smaller, but not too small. She did a good job with Uber Eats. She had a good quantity of space. She had nooks and crannies too. I liked that. I eventually had to scrap the poor girl. But, she was relatively good on gas. I miss her. She can take long trips. She may get hot under the hood, but it's amazing what she is capable of under the right circumstances. For a reasonable price, I could see buying one again one day.

Mercury Villager GS

This is one of my favorite vehicles, because she was a gift from my father and my stepmom. She is also one of my favorites, because I have always wanted to have a van. I have worked my rear-end off for every other vehicle that has ever been in my possession. But, this one was a beautiful gift. She is a 1995 Mercury Villager GS. Mercury was a division of the 'Ford Motor Company'. Vans are simply awesome. We can make a bed in the back, take tons of people for long rides in them, use them for temporary storage, and much more! She has plenty of room for each and every passenger. She even has a trunk in the very back. All of the windows are electronic. She is an automatic and she is fairly good with the amount of fuel she needs. The comfort and luxury on the inside is just amazing. I love this vehicle so much. I've done some work on her in the past. I've given her an oil change and fixed her up with new spark plugs. My local mechanic has also helped with some work that I was less familiar with how to address. This vehicle is older, but one the best of her kind. She is one of the best vehicles in the entire world.

Of these vehicles, which is your favorite?

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© 2019 Alexander James Guckenberger


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