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Vehicle Tracking Solution

Updated on June 10, 2010

Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking Solution

If you are running a business, just imagine sitting in your office and tracking your dispersed vehicle fleet! Imagine knowing the exact location of your vehicles. Imagine coming to the rescue of your vehicle that has met with an accident, with nobody to help nearby! Imagine catching your driver or employee red-handed, who is cheating on you. Yes, all this is indeed possible if you have a vehicle tracking solution installed in your vehicle.

Many businesses are investing in a vehicle tracking solution to track their vehicles. These systems use GPS tracking technology, which helps monitor the movement and location of vehicles on electronic maps or any dedicated software. Monitoring of vehicles ensures security of the vehicle and the consignment.

Since their inception, vehicle tracking solutionshave become an essential component of every business that wants to keep an eye on its fleet of vehicles. When a vehicle tracking solution is installed in a vehicle, it will act as a deterrent to the driver to ensure timely delivery of consignments, because the prying eyes of the vehicle tracking solution are tracking him. In fact, this will also help save fuel, which can be a substantial saving at the end of the day.

Vehicle tracking solutions monitor every single moment of a vehicle’s journey, thus ensuring that businesses make payments only for genuine mileage claims of the employees. This will deter employees from abuse of the business property, thus helping the business save costs.

Besides cost saving benefits, a vehicle tracking solution also strengthen the security of vehicles, provide accurate service for customers, improve the daily productivity of vehicles, ensure safety of the driver, and effectively supervise vehicles, thus ultimately benefitting the employer, employee, and customer.

Gone are the days when buying a vehicle tracking solution would cost you a great deal. With the advent of technology, competition among the vehicle tracking solution industry is growing fast, which has contributed to the reduction of costs of vehicle tracking systems. This has given rise to a huge market of vehicle tracking solution.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Solution

·         Track a vehicle or fleet of vehicles throughout their journey.

·         Track the exact location of the vehicle.

·         Keep an eye on the employee or driver.

·         Alert if the driver over speeds.

·         Prompt delivery of consignments.

·         Customer satisfaction.

·         Identify delay point.

·         Identify vehicles that are underperforming or halt at an unauthorized location.

·         Reduce unauthorized journeys.

·         Reduce operating costs, such as overtime and fuel.

·         Improved safety.

·         Assistance in times of emergency.

However, tracking each and every moment of the vehicle will mean breaching the privacy of the employee or driver. Every employer must ensure that they honor the privacy of the employees. Being an employer who is looking to install a vehicle tracking solution in the fleet of your company’s vehicles, it is essential to communicate the benefits of the tracking system to the employees so that they do not feel upset at being tracked. After all, if the business prospers, it will benefit all, including the employee!


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