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Vintage Car Rental Services

Updated on September 23, 2015

There can be so many reasons for renting a vintage car; it can be your wedding, high-end party, a vocational trip or anything else. There are several models and type of vintages car including classic old cars to normal vintage cars. If you want to rent a classic old car then it’s not an easy work. Those old vintage cars are not easily available like regular cars. You have to do hours of internet research to find vintage car rental dealer or if you are lucky, then your friend may know about some dealer. But, your work is not over here. Finding a vintage car rental dealer is not enough. Renting a vintage car can be way more expensive. So, you have to compare prices of different car rental companies and find the best suited.

Vintage Car Rental
Vintage Car Rental | Source

Procedure of Vintage Car Rental

The procedure of renting a vintage car is not easy as renting a basic car. The requirements to qualify for vintage car rental are more than others. Your age must be at least 25 years for the qualification to drive it and you must not be more than 70 years. You must have a clean driving license, otherwise you will be rejected. Even car rental agent can ask you to show a trial drive to check whether you can handle the car or not.

Advantages of Vintage Car Rental

  1. It looks glamorous. Vintage car is a piece of history, that’s why it appeals more than a sports car or a luxury car.
  2. Vintage car renting companies provide pick and drop service.
  3. Vintage car owners provide comprehensive car insurance. It includes damage to the hired car as well as other car involved in the accident and also the passengers in it.

Disadvantages of Vintage Car Rental

  1. Vintage car rental can be very high depending up on the brand, model, age etc.
  2. Vintage cars are very old that can result in breakdown anytime. So, check the maintenance documents before renting.
  3. Only a few no. of cars have gone under full restoration. So, prefer a fully restored vintage car.
  4. Replicas of vintage cars are also in market at a cheaper rate.
  5. It is not easy to find vintage car rental dealer. Most of the vintage cars are owned by private owners and they don’t advertise for the rental service.
  6. Finding an appropriate vintage car dealer is a time consuming process.
  7. Vintage cars are considered to be antique models; as a result, they are prone to be stolen.

Vintage Cars Available for Rental

There are several vintage cars brand and model available in Singapore for renting. Few of them are listed here:

  1. Classic 1959 VW Beetle
  2. Vintage Mini Cooper
  3. Vintage Volkswagen Kombi
  4. Champagne Gold London
  5. Type I 1953 VW Oval Ragpot
  6. Type I 1956 VW Oval Ragpot
  7. Type II 1966 VW Split Screen Westfalia Camper
  8. White BMW 323i Cabriolet

If you want your special moments to be more special, then renting a vintage car is worth enough.

Would you prefer vintage car rental to make your day special?

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