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Volkswagen Jetta windshield washer pump does not work

Updated on May 9, 2014

Diagnosing washer pump failure on your Volkswagen Jetta

If the washer pump isn't working but the wipers are, we need to find out if it is the pump that has failed or some other electrical issue. Trust me, electrical issues on your Jetta are probably some of the most troublesome diagnostics you will encounter. And even top techs will get a head ache trying to trace electrical problems.

Volkswagen Jetta washer pump

Lets start on some diagnostic procedures

read on to see if you need to replace your Volkswagen Jetta's washer pump, or if there is another cause to its failure.

The first thing we need to do is Inspect fuse's SC8 and SC10. If they are in working order then lets move on to the next step.

Inspect the wiring and connector into the Right Steering Column Switch EX20. Check for any signs of damage, moisture, corrosion, etc. If that all seems to be in good working order, then lets move forward.

Pin T10ls/2 Brown (BR) at the EX20 connector should be a good ground at all times. This pin grounds at ground connection 44 on the lower left A-Pillar and at ground connection 605 on the upper steering column.

. Pin T10ls/3 Black/Blue (SW/BL) at the EX20 connector should have B+ present with the key in the ON and CRANK positions. This pin gets powered by fuse SC10 (fuse 10 under the dash on the driver's side).

Pins T10ls/1 Green/White (GN/WS) and T10ls/7 Green/Red (GN/RO) are for the Windshield Washer Pump V5. When the EX20 switch is moved to a position for the washers to operate, power is sent out of pin T10ls/7 Green/Red (GN/RO) and ground is sent out of pin T10ls/1 Green/White (GN/WS) to operate the V5 pump. Check for continuity between these 2 pins. There should not be an open circuit or thousands ofΩ of resistance. Manually apply power and ground to these pins and check V5 pump operation.

Check the wiring between the EX20 switch and the V5 pump. Check for any opens, shorts or high resistance. Pin T10ls/1 Green/White (GN/WS) at the EX20 switch goes to pin T2bv/2 Green/White (GN/WS) at the V5 pump.

Pin T10ls/7 Green/Red (GN/RO) at the EX20 switch goes to pin T2bv/1 Green/Red (GN/RO) at the V5 pump.

Keep scrolling down to how we fixed our Volkswagen Jettas's washer pump

Volkswagen Jetta Fuses

5 potential causes for your Jetta washer pump to fail

Defective Right Steering Column Switch EX20

Failed Right Steering Column Switch EX20 Wiring

Damaged Windshield Washer Pump V5

Failed Windshield Washer Pump V5 Wiring

Open Fuse SC1

Scroll down to see how our shop fixed this issue:

Volkswagen Jetta Washer Pump

Washer Pump Removal tutorial

Watch this video to help guide you through the removal process on your Jetta.

Removing the washer pump on your Jetta is not that big of a deal, and this video will help you through the process. When installing the new Jetta washer pump, just execute the steps in reverse. Simple enough.

Fixed. Volkswagen Jetta washer pump failure

We found high resistance between EX20 switch and the V pump

Confirmed Fix: Replaced Right Steering Column Switch EX20

I hope this helps you figure out what the issue is with your washer pump. If I can help in anyway, feel free to drop me line anytime


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