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Volvo Enthusiast

Updated on April 9, 2007

Volvo - Either You Love The Brand..... Or Else You Don't... :-)

Having, driving, enjoying a Volvo automobile is simply top notch quality. Regardless of whether we take a look all the way back to the Amazone or 544 models, there is bound to be a model that fits you and your family.

Wide variety

Regardless of whether you want a sports car - brand new C70's are available - or a good stationcar - V50 and V70 will be your loyal servant - or even a 4*4 - XC90 will be ready.

Former grey appearance

In the earlier days, Volvos were considered a bit old-fashioned. It is one of the very few areas where the ownership of Ford into Volvo has brought them some extra design elements. I like the old designs, but can appreciate the improvements indeed.


It must be said, straight away, that choosing an automobile is an emotional thing. Most women don't understand this. They are, generally speaking, more interested in getting the right color of a car. But for us, horse-power, acceleration, comfort in driving [we know who's gonna drive eh, guys? :-)] etc are aspects where we males can truly dive into car magazines or online auctions with true enthusiasm for quite a number of hours.

We want to be absolutely certain we make the right choice. Also because most of us realize we will have to accept our choice for some years before we could correct any error we make in the purchasing phase of decision making.


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    • h_blunck profile image

      Henrik V Blunck 8 years ago from Kalundborg - Denmark

      I fully agree with you. The turning radius was made so fine because many roads are quite narrow and in mountanous areas making a U-turn can be hazardous for other models.

      Glad you enjoyed this hub. Hope you will follow all my hubs. :-)

    • GreenMathDr profile image

      GreenMathDr 8 years ago

      I first became aware of Volvo in the early 70's in Italy. I was surprised that they were held in such high regard in Europe because at the time I had not heard much about them in the USA. I since have owned a couple. I way be weird but I like their turning radius, my favorite feature.

    • h_blunck profile image

      Henrik V Blunck 10 years ago from Kalundborg - Denmark

      Thanks for your comment. Indeed, it does carry a bit of weight for the horsepower involved, but it does seem to be, at first, the (wo)man behind the wheel, but also indeed the fact that they have many variations in their models. The 440 ranges from 1,7 to 1,9 in "normal" versions, and then they did a model with a real engine. The cost involved made it a very rare care in Denmark.

      Our 180% taxes on new cars destroys the price range for quality. As you mentioned the BMW 316. This motor is not available when I looked at - but a 320 costs 732.000 DKR.

      Yes, I agree. The Tesla Roadster is a nice model, but then again if they don't have any distributors yet, it might be a new business idea? :-)

      Thanks for your feedback.

    • Britt Malka profile image

      Britt Malka 10 years ago from Tours

      Now, I've always been crazy about cars, Volvo certainly not being part of the ones I've dreamt about. So slow, always. 0-50 km/h in just as many seconds. Or so I believed until I read the specifications once.

      Actually, it turned out to be the old, Danish men, driving Volvo, who were the slow part, not the engine.

      Then I moved to France ;-)

      Well, I'm still not dreaming of a Volvo. I'm more for BMW 316 and especially for a car that is not available in Europe - yet. Tesla Roadster. Take a look at that little beauty. And NO pollution! Burn rubber, not gasoline.