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Water For Gas

Updated on April 22, 2009

Is it possible to run your car on water?

Lately, Run Car On Water conversions have been the most widely discussed topic around the world. The question is, does this technology really work? Before we start discussing about this issue, let us move straight to a successful example of water powered car in Japan. This news came out in Reuters on 12/6/2008, stating that Genepax, a famous Japanese company, has come out with an eco-friendly car into the market. This car is powered by water, therefore, it is able to save fuel cost and protect the environment at the same time. This article supports the analysis that Water For Gas is truly possible.

The Key Element is Brown Gas (HHO)

The conversion process doesn’t work solely on water. It requires certain quantity of gasoline as well. However, the main key element that generates the entire system is the Brown Gas, also known as HHO. The role of a HHO generator is ensure everything runs smoothly throughout the process which involves a common-ducted electrolyzer. It is also the main reason for saving on fuel costs and preventing the emissions of harmful gases.

Project Energy - Water Fuel


Due to its popularity, many Water For Gas conversion kits can be found easily on the web today. However, do not attempt to acquire any conversion kits before analysing how it works. Warning: Water Car conversions do not solely depend on water to run, and don't just add water into your gas tank as it doesn't work that way. Much readings have to be done. It is important for Run Car On Water users to acquire a better knowledge in selecting the best conversion kit for yourself.


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