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What Is An OTC Genisys Automotive Scan Diagnostic Tool

Updated on March 5, 2013
The OTC Genisys EVO
The OTC Genisys EVO | Source

Basic Description of the OTC Genisys

The OTC Genisys and the EVO (a new model) is a hand held scan diagnostic tool used to diagnose problems with a vehicle. When your vehicle's check engine light comes on or when you notice your vehicle is not running smoothly, this tool is connected to a port on the vehicle and finds problems. Not only does it find the problem, but also offers possible solutions.

There are many other low end code readers you can purchase to obtain a basic DTC code definition (Diagnostic Trouble Code). However, The OTC Genisys is more than just a code reader, but an advance diagnostic tool. This tool is mostly used by professional automotive repair garages.

Basic List of Features

The OTC Genisys as evolved into one of the most powerful vehicle diagnostic tool on the market. There are many advanced features, making this the perfect tool in any automotive service garage.

Some of the features include:

  • Can act as a basic code reader
  • Data Stream
  • Code Assist
  • Automated System Tests
  • Repair Trac Tech Tips
  • More Vehicle Coverage
  • Mode 6
  • Display Four Graphs On The Screen
  • Faster Booting
  • Faster Data Refresh

Most of these features are explained further below the video. The video goes over some of the features. Although, it is an older unit, but many of the features are the same.

Older Video But You Get the Idea

Fast DTC Scans

The new 5.0 system now can perform both enhanced and generic DTC scans in a matter of seconds. In one simple step, you can scan for codes for all supported vehicle systems.

Code Assist / Repair Trac

The code assist feature contains over a million fixes for OBD II Codes and vehicle specific codes. Code assist was developed from millions of calls directed to the Identafix hotline. The most common and some not so common problems were formed into an easy to navigate database. It contains fixes for B, U, P and C codes.


When you are performing various monitors, you can now display four graphs at one time on the screen. This is a real time saver, instead of having to switch back and forth between screens.

Sceen Shot of the Code Assist at work
Sceen Shot of the Code Assist at work

Automated System Tests

In one step, the OTC Genisys EVO can perform an indepth array of tests at one time and report its findings fast and effeciently. You have instant access to just the data you need, such as generic DTC codes and enhanced codes, Mode 6 Componenet Tests, Oxygen Sensors and more.

Mode 6

The last feature I will cover is the effertless Mode 6 app on the Genisys EVO. Ford has a Mode 6 Misfire Data information, which is a very powerful diagnostic tool. The problem occurs in most other scan tools. It requires a calculator and a book in order to convert the data. The OTC Genisys EVO does all of the work for you. It automatically calculates the values.

Concluding Thoughts

Compared to other automotive scan diagnostic tools, an automotive technician receives the most bang for their buck. The OTC Genisys EVO takes the work out of diagnosing a vehicles codes and problems and gives suggestions for fixing the issues.


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