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What Makes Castrol POWER1 So Special

Updated on January 15, 2018

I was getting my bike (Royal Enfield Himalayan) checked up before embarking on a road trip to Mount Abu from Mumbai. As I reached the mechanic, I did some research on what kind of engine upgrades I could opt for. One of the first recommendations was switching to Castrol POWER1 engine oil. Why, I wondered? Because I am not the kind of guy to blindly trust a mechanic’s advice. What I found was really interesting.

Made For Indian Roads & Climate

One thing that sets POWER1 engine oil apart is the ‘Power Protection Formula’. This technology protects engine from the build-up of power robbing deposit. Given the amount of dust and grime our bikes collect due to Indian roads and climate, our engine tends to lose a significant amount of power over time. The oil becomes thick and dark ultimately leading to poor ride quality. This engine oil ensures this dust doesn’t make its way to the engine and stays clean.

Superior Acceleration

If there is one thing Castrol is known for, it is acceleration. Their latest oil is primed to generate that extra bit of acceleration and exhilaration. The 4T 15w-40 oil contains ‘Power Release Formula’. This basically works to boost the throttle response, giving your engine increased capacity to go the extra yard.

Sustained Acceleration

Castrol POWER1 4T 15w-50 is equipped with ‘Power Sustain Technology’ specifically designed for the long road trips that bikers love. It controls heat impacts and manages optimum friction in the engine ensuring sustained power delivery. One of my biking buddies used this oil when he travelled from Delhi to Dharamshala and he was pretty happy with it.

Racing Performance

Castrol has come up with a very complete line up for their POWER1 oils. Their Racing 4T oil is designed for premium performance in 4-stroke sports bikes. This fully synthetic oil has been formulated to withstand pressures of racing bikes and the stress that comes along with it.

All in all, it seems Castrol has changed the game with their POWER1 engine oils. I have opted for the 15w-50 for my Himalayan. Here’s to a great ride!


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