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What Shall We Call That Traffic Violation?

Updated on May 8, 2014
Have you ever been pulled over?
Have you ever been pulled over? | Source
We follow the Law when we drive.
We follow the Law when we drive. | Source

Multi Tasking While Driving Is Hazardous

The most challenging activity of the day is commuting by vehicle to employment or school or even any other place that requires transportation. When the motorist gets into the car, he or she is expected to be in control of the vehicle, know how to follow the rules and to be able to be defensive. There are so many drivers out there that do forget common courtesy, and they are just too worried

or overbearing when it comes time to enter a highway. And there are the drivers that just decide that they can multi-task while behind the wheel. These are the motorists that will lose their focus, or drive as if they are too cautious. Then some may even cause themselves harm by doing something else while driving.

Have You Read Your Traffic Ticket?

Have you ever tried to read a traffic violation ticket? Full of numbers, letters attached by dashes and dots. Generally when a person is pulled over, the experience is so embarrassing or horrifying that no one can understand the officers handwriting, and the carbon is too hard to read. The placement of speed cameras and red light cameras are on the increase in my location, but there are still patrolmen for the local district as well as the State Police Patrol on the lookout for faulty drivers. Not only do they watch for driving behaviors but they can just look up Motor Vehicle Information from the license plate as well.

So, how do Traffic Police identify the different kinds of distracted drivers? By their behavior in their own way. For instance, the most typical driving behavior subject to violation is : DWI - driving while intoxicated, or the more recently named DUI - Driving Under the Influence (of drugs, alcohol). I thought of some other Abbreviations that could be used by the traffic police that it makes the common driver understand what they could be given a violation for. Here is my list:

TWD      Texting While Driving
PWD      Phoning While Driving
DWAI     Driving Without Automobile Insurance
IWD      I-Pod (in use)While Driving
AMWD     Applying Makeup While Driving  
HSWD     Hair Styling While Driving
EWD      Eating While Driving
DD       Driving Drowsy
DWNCSS   Driving With No Child Safety Seats
DWDIL    Driving With Dog In Lap
DWWTV    Driving While Watching TV
BFBWD    Breastfeeding Baby While Driving
HSWD     Having Sex While Driving
SSWD     Student Studying While Driving
DSEV     Driving Someone Else's Vehicle

Going To Traffic Court

As a daily drive my vehicle, I can only speak for how I commute. I am not perfect, I have gotten tickets, I have gone through intersections with red light cameras before. I have been to traffic court before. All I know is that a calm cool attitude gets one through the experience of being by an officer during times of a traffic violation. It is a nice thing to go to court with an attorney, but to be honest and claim guilty gets one a PBJ (plead before judgement). That is how it is settled in the traffic court that I have been in. Usually, PBJ will lower the monetary fines.

So be a safe motorist. Stay alert, focused. Don't hog the road, and if you get pulled over, don't appear anxious, and be cooperative. Even though getting pulled over is an uncomfortable experience, it can be less stressful when handled peacefully.

Lets Sing About What We Shouldn't Do In The Car


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    • LarhaRiggs profile image

      LarhaRiggs 6 years ago from Florida, USA

      I do believe that traffic violators are really high risk in causing an accident and death. Before a driver decide to drive he must understand that he is not alone in the road and being a safe driver is important for him to avoid charges.Nice post my friend!

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      Good, smart advice you have here that is actually quite appropriate for most situations. :)

    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 7 years ago from Isle of Man

      You are a practical lady and a survivor is the best person to give survival tips. Thank you.

    • profile image

      tnderhrt23 7 years ago

      All excellent points and advise! DUI offenders are so dangerous, and folks that text while driving make me crazy! Inconsiderate drivers and reckless drivers make me crazy too! I believe that driving is a privilege and should be considered as such, with safety of all at the forefront of all drivers! Good job with this, Christina!