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What can I do about my unwanted junk car.

Updated on November 22, 2011

What are my options when I have a junk or unwanted vehicle?

Most people do not know what to do with their junk or unwanted vehicle, and this often leads to complaints from the neighbors, tickets from the county code enforcement, or worse yet, spillage of hazardous chemicals into the environment. So what big question is what can I do with that hunk of junk?

The answer is simple, more and more junk car removal companies are popping up all around the nation and most likely in your city or town. They can help arrange for your vehicle to be removed and have it picked up faster than you think. Most of these junk car removal places help you out in more than one way. Your junk car gets removed, fluids dripping from your car are no longer flowing into the ecosystem, and of course your car gets recycled.

What does it mean to have my car recycled? Well this can be one of two major things, one your car will get melted down into scrap metal and recycled to make new products or two your car will be bought by a junk yard the will sell the used parts off of your vehicle.

Of course you can't forget the most important thing of all, you getting PAID for your junk or unwanted vehicle. Yes, you read the right you can get paid cold hard cash for your junk car. All you have to go is a simple search on your favorite search engine, send your vehicle details, and get money in your hand. It's as easy as 1-2-3, and can benefit everyone.


How about this car, can I get money for it?

Yes, you can get paid for almost ANY car. No matter what make, model, or even the year all cars are worth money in scrap metal.

What kind of cars do these places pick up?

What kind of unwanted car do you have?

See results

Bad motor? No problem you can still get cash for your car!


What are something I can do to help ensure I get more money.

If you are wondering what you can do to get the most money for your unwanted car then listen up. The most important things that you can do to get the most money is give your VIN Number, make sure that you include NUMEROUS photos of your car, and give the most up to date information about your car's mechanical condition. Doing these simple things can ensure that you get the top dollar for your vehicle, and have it removed quickly and as pain-free as possible.


Why is my VIN number so important?

When getting rid of your junk or unwanted vehicle having the VIN number handy is considered the most important part when submitting information about your vehicle. Now you may thing, oh I know exactly what my make, and model is, but uh-oh do you know the sub model? The VIN number allows junk car removal specialists to know exactly what they are purchasing and what they can do with your car. Since some places buy cars for parts, they need to know what engine size, if the emission controls are Federal or 50 state, the transmission type, if your car has air condition or not. A simple 17 character VIN number can provide the MOST information and ensures that everyone is on the same page. Regardless if you have the VIN number handy at the time of submitting your vehicle information, most places will give you a call back and request that information, so the easiest thing to do it to have it ready.

What kind of photos should I submit of my car?

When you submit photos of your car it is recommended that you submit a few photos of the car. Two to four photos of your vehicles exterior would be great. When taking these photos make sure that you take the photo at an angle so you can see two sides of the car at once. This allows two to three angles per side and displays any condition of the exterior. If there is any damage on the exterior of the car you should make sure to include the problem areas when submitting photos of the exterior condition. Along with the exterior photos make sure you take one or two photos of the interior condition. This gives a general idea of what your car looks like, and if any air bags are deployed. If your engine is apart send photos of what it looks like. Under the hood gives an idea to junk car buyers what is there under the hood, and if there is anything missing. A picture is worth a thousand words and rather than try to explain what everything looks like, or having a different opinion of the condition of the car this is the easiest way to ensure that everyone is on the same page and the price you get is the best around.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, better yet a thousand bucks, do it right the first time.

I have my photos and VIN number now what do I do?

The painfully hard part of writing down your VIN number and taking photos of your car is over, you are now ready to submit your information and get some money! So where do you start is probably a good question to ask, but fear not, it is as easy as 1-2-3. The first step would be a simple search with your favorite search engine for common phrases such as "junk my car" or "cash for junk cars" or maybe even "free junk car removal". These three phrases will bring up the most relevant results near your location and it will also bring up the most trusted and established websites that have been purchasing unwanted cars for years. Now it's a matter of submitting your information through their website and simply waiting to get an offer. Of course what you should do is simply submit your vehicle to a few other websites and get a few bids from multiple places. Some places charge to tow it away, other places might not give you a check on the spot, so you should carefully consider all of your options prior to accepting any offer. Don't forget there is more than one place that gets rid of junk cars so your options are never limited.


Waiting for the right amount of cash!

So now you've probably submitted your vehicle to a few websites, or business that remove junk cars for free, and have a few offers. $500 for your hunk of junk, sounds like someone got a great deal for their car. Time to finalize that offer and have them tow away that junk car.


My car just got towed away, wow that was easy!

Wow, was that as easy as you thought it would be? It was easier than I expected and wow I just still can't believe that I got my junk car removed and I got PAID for my junk car. I am still in shock and disbelief that these guys are trustworthy. Yes, these established places are trusted and have been in business for years. Make sure that you leave a good review if you enjoyed your experience and let others know that this company was worth it.

Just how easy the process was.

Junk car buyers are nationwide, don't hesitate call today!


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    • profile image

      Igor 4 years ago

      Blow it up

    • profile image

      simonjames 4 years ago

      Numerous persons do not recognize that this vintage part of junk steel brings a good cost at a junk yard. If you do not know this, you may call someone who is in the towing enterprise or junk car enterprise and inquire them to take it away. They will do just that, particularly if you call and inquire them how much they will ascribe to do it. can help you more about that.

    • profile image

      Emma 3 years ago

      I used this site when getting rid of my old car They were really good.

    • always1225 profile image

      always1225 22 months ago from Brooklyn, NY

      What you can do about your junk car is sell it to a honest junk car buyer in your area. One that doesn't charge you a pick up fee. You can search google by typing in the words "junk car buyers". This search should give you a list of companies near you who by junk cars in your area.

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