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What is the Penalty for Driving without Car Insurance?

Updated on March 8, 2016

Owning a car automatically requires the owners to have auto insurance as well. However, many drivers seem to have forgotten this responsibility over the years. It may not be deliberate and may be due to some instances. Still, it does not eliminate the fact that they are putting themselves in danger as well as others by not having car insurance. Regardless of the reason why drivers are not able to get themselves this insurance, there are consequences they will be required to face sooner or later. Penalties for driving without car insurance are just one of these.

Legal Penalties

Aside from the monetary fine, most states place penalties as a consequence for drivers who do not insurance while driving. Penalties basically vary from state to state. But generally, it may include suspending the uninsured driver’s car registration or driver license. Or, it may also entail impounding the uninsured car. There are also some states that place penalties which involve arresting the uninsured motorist.

All these steps taken to serve as penalties are also a means for the law enforcement to emphasize how serious an offense it is to drive without insurance. For that, punishment must be levied upon the offenders.

Other Most Common Penalties

  • Driving without auto insurance may also result to getting a traffic ticket for a no-insurance violation. This traffic ticket may still be different from the others you may receive or the original reason a driver is pulled over. If this is the case, there is still a chance for you to get your ticket dismissed. You only need to show the proof of your insurance within a given a time period for the ticket to get dismissed. However, this end-result all depends on where the ticket is received and the officer who gave it.
  • The uninsured driver will be required to meet the SR-22 requirements. This penalty is imposed is some states in cases when the driver caused an accident and they drove without insurance. But there are also some states where this penalty is imposed for simply driving without insurance.
  • Large fines must also be imposed aside from meeting the stated requirements. This will be required for the driver to get their registration and license reinstated. In some instances, the driver must also be required to cover the fines concerning their traffic ticket.
  • Lastly, driving without auto insurance may result to increase insurance premiums for the driver in the future.

Penalty – The Cost of Getting Caught Driving without Insurance

It is already a given fact that violating this rule almost always leads to paying hefty fines as well as penalties. Some states imposes penalties and fines that reach up to $5,000. Plus, there is also the premium to consider.

For instance, if you drive for three years without your insurance and your expected yearly premium is $1,000, then it would total to $3,000 within a 3-year period. You think you already saved $500 in case you are caught violating the rule and are imposed to pay $2,500. The truth is, you save nothing because this $500 will certainly be absorbed by the increase in premiums as part of the penalty. Plus, if you don’t file your SR-22, chances are you will have to pay more than just the amount of $500.

Hence, if you do not wish to face any of these, it would be best to get yourself auto insurance as soon as you acquire your first car. Worried about how much it would cost you to get one. Remember that by shopping around, you increase your chances of finding cheap auto insurance.


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