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What makes a collectible automobile?

Updated on September 6, 2016

Largest Collection of 1999 Rivieras in the world

1,787 Built for 1999

Last year for Buick Riviera was 1999. November 1998 the last Riviera came off the assembly line for a total of 1,787 of which 200 were labeled Silver Arrows. Once my Riviera started getting close to 200,000 miles on it I began searching for a replacement, that was 5 years ago. In doing this search is how I became knowledgeable about the limited production of this magnificent automobile FULL size coupe, you can actually sit three adults in the back seat.

An economics professor once told me that value is what it takes to replace what you have. First try to find a 1999 Buick super charged Riviera, some have never seen one. Once you find one try to find any modern car that can offer what this Riviera is giving you.

V6 Super Charged 3800 Series II Engine

The 3800 Series II engine is rated as one of the top ten engines ever built. My personal owned from day one Riviera has 224,000 miles on it only the super charger replace at 175,000 miles and trust me this car moves still.

Blue Book values???

I get frustrated by people calling about my cars for sale then giving me a quote of $3,500 saying that this is what some car book says its worth. I contacted one of these publications and asked them how they determined the value of a vehicle, informing them that the 1999 Riviera had a limited production and most likely less than 50 exist. Well, wherever that query went the response was that this publication immediately found 2 1999 Buick Rivieras? My response was find 48 more. To date I have found 27 1999 Buick Rivieras so unless there are hundreds of people hording these cars I still say there are less than 50 in existence until proven wrong

1999 Super Charged Buick Riviera

Value of a Super Charged Coupe limited production?

Now that I am in the twilight of my life it is time to pass on these magnificent automobiles. What I do not want to do is give them away, things given are not appreciated as much as those your save for. Know of a grad in need of a car that will appreciate in time or just a good dependable car that has metal to it. contact me


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