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What to expect from the best SUVs

Updated on April 3, 2016

When the going gets tough, the tough get going – on an SUV. With more and more automobile companies floating their own versions of the sports utility vehicle in the market, the choices can be quite dizzying for someone looking to swoop one up. While on the hunt for the best SUV, it is a good idea to ask yourself these pertinent questions:

· How advanced is the design?
· How comfortable are the interiors?
· How aesthetically appealing is the vehicle, compared to its price?
· How well the vehicle has been engineered? Think of both design and its execution.
· How eco friendly is it? Think carbon footprint and fuel efficiency.
· Is it value for money?

Acura MDX
Acura MDX

Here are a few contenders for the mantle for the best SUV.

Acura MDX

The Super Handling All wheel drive on this SUV is a real treat, helping you navigate tricky corners effortlessly. The build also scores some brownie points. Most importantly, this SUV is a dream to manoeuvre, especially when you consider how big it is. All in all, this front engine four door beauty is a dream to ride, with smoothness and agility guaranteed.

Where the MDX loses out however, is the infotainment set up, which is clumsy and confusing. The graphics and fonts look very outdated, and the controls are not entirely touch screen. At $45,000 base price, it is (almost) worth every cent.

Audi Q5
Audi Q5

Audi Q5

The Q5 has been one of Audi’s most popular models since 2008, and a test drive will tell you why. Driving this front engine 4 door vehicle is effortless. There are different engine sizes and capacities to suit different customer needs. The different driving modes are an added advantage. In the dynamic mode, the car will predict the gear most suited to the terrain and speed you are driving at.

In the comfort mode, the ride is smooth as a knife cutting through butter. These luxuries come at a price, though: At around $ 52,795 base price, it is way more expensive than the Acura.


The engines have great delivery, making for a smooth yet powerful driving experience. When it comes to haul, however, the X1 loses out. Price is also a factor. At $ 38,450 base price, this car lacks a backup camera, which is quite unacceptable.


Buick Encore

The cabin is extremely attractive, with its spacious interiors and a large backseat. There is loads of legroom in the middle, though the makers seemed to have compensated by stinting on the footwell in the front. The centre stack, however, is cluttered and unattractive. The ride is somewhat more sluggish and heavy compared to others. At its price of about $ 24,950 base price, however, you will be more than ready to put up with its quirks.

Dodge Durango

The great thing about this SUV is how much space it gives you. This is an SUV in the true sense of the term: it is sturdy, can go anywhere, carry anything, and is powerful, rough and tough, but also masterfully balances these attractive SUV features with ease of driving and comfort. The long wheelbase makes for an extremely sturdy and steady ride. However, if you want luxurious, sophisticated interiors, then give this one a miss.

What is more, the Durango creates quite a din when on the road, so do not count on a snooze in the back seat. Having said that, the three rows of seats and the easy way in which you can move between the rows makes it a good choice for a road trip with a large family. It has great haul too, making it ideal for a big party of travelers. At around $ 44,390, this is as good as it gets – if you can do without the polish and the frills that is.

Land Rover Range Rover

It looks gorgeous with its aluminium body, and the third row at the back makes it comfy. But if you are planning on using the SUV on city roads, think twice. The SUV gets all shaken up during acceleration and braking, making it generally uncomfortable for passengers. It is great to ride on the open road, however, thanks to its powerful engine. The infotainment system too is old school and lacks sophistication. At $79,000 base price, it is a good idea to give this one a wide berth.

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    • Juana Aman profile image

      Juana 3 years ago

      Thank you.I'm glad you liked the reviews.

    • saitam profile image

      saitam 3 years ago from Lisbon

      Interesting hub. Liked the way you reviewed the cars.