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What You Need to Know about Car Tires

Updated on February 17, 2019
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Aigerim Berzinya is the Marketing Director at SEIRIM. She is an expert in GPS tracking systems and transportation.

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Only professionals understand the difference between choosing tires and choosing the right tires for a vehicle.

It is important to have the right kind of tires attached to your vehicle depending on its usage, condition of the road and handling. If your tires and vehicle do not balance each other in terms of quality and performance, then it could result in disastrous outcomes that may even prove fatal at times.

To ensure that it has been selected perfectly for their vehicle, people often turn to expert brands which are widely known for their superior performance in the industry. However, the best tires are not always suitable for another one. It needs proper planning.

What is the best choice?
What is the best choice?

Steps to Take Before Purchasing Tire for a Vehicle

  • Figure out the size
  • Determine the type
  • Usage of Tire
  • Specifications
  • Budget

Wrong or right?
Wrong or right?

Well-Known Tire Variants Available for Vehicles

  • Snow/Winter Tires

Winter tires are specifically made for usage in snowy winters when roads are too dangerous to tread. The composition of such tires is altered in such a way that it doesn’t get affected by chilling temperatures. So, if ice, slush, and snow hide the road, winters can safely cut through it and assure maximum grip without skidding.

  • Summer Tires

Like winter tires, there are specifically made summer tires available in the market these days. But they are ‘normal’ tires which are most commonly used across the globe. Since they provide with noteworthy damp-road traction that’s why they are not suitable for iced roads.

  • All-season Tires

Such tires are factory-made to give a driver smooth ride throughout the seasonal change. Although this type of tire may under-perform under extreme weather condition, they are offer quiet ride, fuel efficiency and also durability.

  • Performance Tires

As the name suggests, these kinds of tires are made for people who are all about performance and speed. Such tires are most commonly used in a high-speed vehicle that is used for racing. Performance is known for its gripping function but what these tires lack is tread wear ratings that makes them less durable than other variants.

  • Touring Tires

Touring tires are identified as the premium quality tires which are designed by top-notch engineers for the purpose of surpassing all features such as quality, control, handling, comfort, hi-tech structure to ensure smoother drive. Most touring tires are all-season tires that offer reliability and durability, minimum noise and long tread life.


Frequently Asked Questions While Considering the Right Tires for Vehicles

  • Second hand or branded?

Most car owners find themselves in a tight spot when they set out to purchase tires which perfectly suit their vehicles. The foremost confusion arises when they attempt to choose whether to go for a used tire or a brand new one. The best choice is to acquire a brand-new tire from a globally trusted brand such as Giti tires.

  • Does size matter?

Buyers have a hard time comprehending the fact that size does matter when it comes to tires for any specific vehicle. According to the tire designing experts, size impacts the overall performance and safety of your car. Different vehicles utilise a different size of tires but thanks to car’s manual and other such information, finding the right size of tire for your vehicle becomes easy.

  • What are the most preferred types?

Car owners consider those tires as the best type which include enhanced specifications such as better handling, more stability, enhanced comfort, superior wet handling, reduced noise factor, notable winter performance, and others. People who are looking to buy high-performance tires prefer such products that are cost-efficient despite being branded such as Giti tires which are a perfect choice for light trucks and other such vehicles.

Make the right choice
Make the right choice

Features to Look For When It Comes To Buying Tires

  • Comfortable Handling

Among all car components, the comfort of driving heavily depends on the tires of your car. For smooth handling, car owners always look for the best quality tires made by some of the most trusted brands of the industry.

  • Performance

When you know the type of performance you expect from your tires, it becomes easy for you to decide. If your vehicle is going to be used for normal drives that don’t require much speed handling then any sturdy all-seasoned tires are better suited for your needs.

  • Quality

The secret to buying the best tires is to always trust a well-recognised brand. Most people stick to the tires that came with their cars at the time of purchase but that’s not a preferred when your requirement and road condition changes.

  • Timing

Its recommended not to buy tires when the old ones are in a tattered state. Always make the purchase before your old and used tires cause any kind of problems during driving.

  • Budget

Like everything else, buying the most expensive tires out there is not the smartest move. Prepare a moderate budget before you actually make the decision.


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    • Aigerim Berzinya profile imageAUTHOR

      Aigerim Berzinya 

      3 months ago

      Hi there. I have published an article about Cooper tires versus Michelin tires. Check it out

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image


      3 months ago

      see you at that article

    • Aigerim Berzinya profile imageAUTHOR

      Aigerim Berzinya 

      3 months ago

      I think this is a good idea for the next article :)

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image


      3 months ago

      What do you think about Cooper tires versus Michelin tires in the above $200 range?


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