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What your Car Emergency Kit Should Include

Updated on September 12, 2016

Accidents do happen anytime and anywhere. This must be a reminder to all vehicle drivers that should not be taken for granted. No matter how well you maintain your vehicles there will always be an emergency when all you need to do is take immediate respond to save your passengers and you of course.

Emergency hotlines are at hand, yes and there are other vehicles that will pass by in case. The thing is, accidents do not always happen in areas that are very accessible to passersby and rescuers. What if you were in a remote area where it happens to be unwired with cellphone signals? Will you just stay put and wait for help to come? No, right? You have to be alert and do something before anything more complicated will occur.

Having an emergency kit inside your vehicle is essential like having a first aid kit at home or inside small offices that do not have emergency clinics. Emergency as the word itself need instant response or action before someone more knowledgeable comes to continue the process.

Be a hero of your passengers or your own family with the complete car emergency kit with you anytime and anywhere. Below is a list of what your car safety kit should include.

First Aid Kit

I remember during my childhood days when I always trip and fall and my first aid to my wounds would be stone pounded leaves. It really helps, it stings a bit but it helps stop the bleeding. I saw it to one of my friends and when I tried that it is effective, I also did it just to avoid seeing the blood flowing. Anyway, that was just an ice breaker as that is only applicable to minor bruises and cuts and not during emergency cases with more than one victim with broken bones and others.

First aid kits must contain the following:

  • First Aid Reading References – If your profession is not related to medical practices you might not always be reading things related to first aiding so bag a book that comes with easy guides you can immediately follow during emergency cases.
  • First Aid Medicines – You might want to pack your kit with medicines for allergies, pain relievers, anti-inflammatory gels for burns, ointments and others. Also, make sure to carry with you all medications that your family is taking.
  • Cleaning Materials – One of the best first aid you can do to wounds and bruises is cleaning before dressing it up so carry with you hand sanitizers for cleaning first your hand, antiseptic wipes, synthetic gloves, saline solution, bandages, dressing pads, gauze, band aids, and adhesive tapes.
  • Other Necessities – Aside from those mentioned above you might also need tweezers, scissors, thermometer, tongue depressors, masks, insect repellants and others. Make sure that the stainless materials you carry should be free of rust and clean it with the saline solution before using them. The scissors you should carry are also recommended to be curved scissors to avoid further injuries in times that you need to cut someone else’s clothes.

Car Safety Kit

During situations where you need to break your windows and cut seatbelts, there are tools that you must have too. And in instances that you are stranded in a curved portion of a highway, or when your car is already on fire, you have to be ready with the list of items below.

  • Reflective Triangles

Reflectors are helpful because they are effective in getting the attention of other vehicle drivers along the road. You can carry as much as three sets, one to put at least 50 meters away then the other two at the front and at the back of the vehicle.

  • Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are also a must. There are fire extinguishers sold in the market that are small and ideal for vehicles. You will use this in times of fire emergencies to avoid burns and further damages.

  • Hammers

If you get trapped inside your car due to falling or battery breakout, you might need a hammer to break your windows. There is a hammer sold with additional features aside from its hammer function, it is also a window breaker and a seatbelt cutter. There are chances when your seatbelt will also get stacked so you will definitely need one. You can buy a set of this car safety hammer at the nearest store location or at Amazon.

  • Flashlight

We do not travel only at day time, so put a flashlight in your kit to be ready when you will be trapped in an area where there are no street lights. Make sure to carry also extra batteries.

  • Other necessities would include duct tape, ropes, knives, foam tire sealant and others.


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