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Who Designs Valentino Rossi's MotoGP AGV Helmets?

Updated on October 4, 2012

Valentino Rossi is the most popular motorcycle rider in the world right now. He may not be the current champion but he has 9 World titles to his name and is part in some of the most epic motorcycles battles in racing history. I rememeber around 10 years ago now, when I worked in a car accessories shop (That was run by a biker) the walls and ceilings being covered with Valentino Rossi Posters and I remember the regulars also talking about the weekends GP race and saying how great Rossi was. I didn't take much notice at the time, I was in my late teens and was still in to Motocross, I didn't find Tarmac racing entertaining. A year or so later I got my Motorbike license and a few years after that I started watching MotoGP and Valentino Rossi mad a massive impact on me from the get go. I only then knew why the guys in the shop rated him so much. The other side to Rossi than his incredible riding ability was the brand he created. Their was no other rider at the time who stood out on the grid. The Yellow 46 decals and the Moon and Sun on his boots, leathers and helmet set him apart from the rest. Put someone in front of MotoGP grid with a semi interest in motorbikes and say pick a favourite, they will no doubt pick Rossi.

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Valentino Rossi Helmets

A big part of Rossi's brand are his AGV Helmet designs. As Rossi's dominence grew in MotoGP his helmet designs got lairer and lairer and boy do I love them! The early helmets are becoming collectible and Im sure they will be worth big money in years to come when Rossi leaves MotoGP. Only The Greats of motorcycle racing have their own signature Helmet. Colin Edwards, Joey Dunlop, Isle of Man TT racer Guy Martin all have recogniseble and sort after signature Helmets. Recently a signature Joey Dunlop Arai helmet went up for auction on the bay and reached £600+. I myself own a AGV Valentino Rossi Helmet which is in daily use. The Model I have is the K-3 Gothic. This model was worn by Rossi in the 2006 season and is great affordable helmet. This is your typical Rossi helmet with sun and Moon on either side. A lot of people think the sun representing his character off the track and the Moon representing it on, this is not the case, there is a simpler reason behind them. His designs most recently though are a work of art and the colours are so vibrent. So who is the guy behind the designs of Valentin Rossi World Famous helmets?

K3 Gothic
K3 Gothic

Aldo Drudi

Aldo Drudi, is the italian artist behind Valentino Rossi's helmets. This guy didn't have Rossi to thank for his success, Drudi was already designing helmets long before Rossi became the master of Motogp. Drudi has designed helmets for Kevin Schwantz, Mick Doohan, Max Biaggi, Loris Capirossi, Randy Mamola, Luca Cadalora, Niall Mackenzie not to mention Rossi's father Graziano. Drudi actually turned down Vale's request to design him a helmet when he was riding back in the 125 motogp's. Rossi had to earn the right to have his helmet designed by Drudi. Valentino earned that right when he became 125 motogp world champion. So what does the Sun and moon mean on Rossi's helmet? It's simple really Drudi put forward the idea of the sun to represent where he's from, Valentino suggested there also be a moon too as his loved night life. Drudi has watched Rossi grow and as they lived close by and has a strong friendship with Vales father. The Dog on Valentino's helmet and bike seat is Valentino's dog, Guido. Every helmet has a meaning behind it and each character or object has a reason for being on there. Rossi regularly changes his helmet design but he brings out something special for the Misano GP. The most mememorable helmet is the one with Valentino's face on the top screaming. The ideas for the helmet come from Rossi the final product is all Drudi. They are usually conjoured up a week before the race and do not have a 100% immaculate finish they are raw, with the layers being noticeble. Below are my favourite Rossi Helmets.

AGV 5 Continents Helmet

The Valentino Rossi 5 Continents Helmet is by far my favourite at the minute and I am soon to get it. Words can not describe the how vibrant and retina burning this helmet is. It's not got a flashy design or quirky theme it just pure brilliant. This helmet makes dull days sunny. Rossi wore this helmet regularly on his M1 Yamaha and looked great against the bike and leathers.

AGV K3 Gothic - Not just because I own one of these but because it's an affordable helmet and has a great design. The helmet is comfortable and no fuss. Easy to change visors unlike Arai's and great design to show your Rossi appreciation.


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