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Why Buy a Dashboard Camera? Dash Cams Prevent Insurance Fraud

Updated on November 15, 2013
dash cam
dash cam | Source

More and more people are buying dashboard cameras, or dash cams as they are known for short, to provide proof of events as they happen when out driving.

While it is true that the majority of us may never experience anything more than a minor bump throughout our driving lifetime, when accidents do happen, it is good to be able to provide proof of what actually happened, and not what we think, or other people think, happened.

Accidents can happen any time, any place, and when they do, they can send us into a state of shock where our memories of events are no longer reliable.

Instead of’ Big Brother’ watching us, dashcams can allow us to watch over ourselves and our own actions.

Techmoan Guide to Dash Cams

So, dash cams can provide proof of events in accidents, where:

  • It is our fault.
  • It is the other party’s fault.
  • It was the fault of neither.
  • It was a third party’s fault.

Motor insurance is higher than it has ever been. Insurers categorize drivers as having an increased risk of accident by:

  1. Age.
  2. Sex.
  3. Occupation.
  4. Previous history of having accidents.

So if you are a young male driver whose occupation is considered high risk, ie professional rally driving, and you have been involved in a previous accident, your insurance premium costs will be eye-watering.

Yet, by law, you must carry a valid insurance on your car when out and about.

Supposing you are the safest driver in the world, you will still have to pay this high premium because you fall within this risk bracket.

And it is not just young men. As a middle-aged female with a clean driving licence and 30 years driving experience, I also found my premiums ridiculously high simply because I was a taxi driver. I did not use my private car for work. I drove a custom-built taxi, the insurance of which cost an arm and a leg because it was public hire insurance which is much higher than normal car driving insurance.

Russian video about people throwing themselves at cars for insurance fraud

The Insurance Fraudsters

Knowing that car drivers must carry valid insurance has given birth to a whole new world for the fraudsters.

The pedestrians who get ‘run over’

Check Youtube – the sheer number of people who are literally throwing themselves in front of cars in the hope of claiming large insurance payouts is frightening.

Without dash cams for evidence, who is to say that what you, as the driver, is saying, is the truth?

People (witnesses) appear just as someone is rolling about on the road, or collapsing in apparent agony. They did not see this person throw themselves onto your hood as you were stopped, stationary, at traffic lights.

Try explaining that in court, without witnesses.

The deliberate car accidents

If you run into the car in front, it is always your fault, according to both the law and the insurers.

You should be travelling at a speed and distance from the car in front so that you can always stop in emergency.

The fraudsters are making full use of this clause.

They drive in front of you, and do an emergency stop totally unexpectedly, at a time when your car is close to theirs, perhaps at the entrance slipway to a motorway.

With any luck, you may be able to stop in time, but if your head was turned looking for oncoming traffic at the inopportune moment, an accident will occur.

While this scenario can happen any time to anyone, and the bump may be so minor that no damage is visible, the fraudsters have been caught out by claiming personal damages to all passengers, or by claiming vehicular damage that did not occur.

In one instance I heard of recently, the driver claimed for personal injury damage to 3 passengers, where the video evidence from the dash cam showed there were only two people on board the car.

Video about the extent of insurance fraud in the UK

Fraudsters often work in pairs

It is easier for two cars to stage an accident, than it is for one.

If the car in front of you suddenly stopped, you would be suspicious of his motives. As a professional driver, I can honestly say that in most instances your foot is already slamming on the brake at any given moment the car in front of you brakes suddenly.

You saw the dog/fox/ child/ person/accident that made the driver in front brake.

When no such warning happens, your instinct to brake can only kick in when your brain registers his brake lights appearing.

The ‘stopping distance’ applies everywhere, even in slow-moving traffic. It takes twice as long to stop on wet road surfaces, and there is no stopping distance at all on icy roads.

What the fraudsters are doing is working in pairs.

So the vehicle in front of the vehicle you are following stops suddenly for no apparent reason.

The one in front of you stops, because he knew the vehicle in front of him was about to stop, but you didn’t.

So, you plough into him.

Without a dash cam, your insurance will have to pay out any damages claimed.

The first vehicle has fled the scene. No-one would even know who he was, without your dash cam evidence.

If they did it to you, you can bet they have done it to a thousand other people. Who would note the registration plate of a vehicle two cars in front?

Well, the dash cam would.

Motor insurance fraud in the US on the increase

Police fraud

Finally, there is police fraud which sad to say does occur in some countries.

Maybe its been a slow night. Maybe they haven’t caught their quota of criminals, or just maybe they don’t like the look of you.

I hate putting the police down, but there have been cases.

They stop you and accuse you of going through an amber light.

But you know it was green.

A dash cam can put paid to any arguments.

Dash cams record the where (through GPS) the when (time and date are clearly displayed) and the how.

Once fitted in a car, you can forget the dash cam is there. It records automatically every journey, although they do tend to be broken up into 1, 3 or 5 minute recording segments.

When your memory card is full, it simply starts recording over your recordings from the beginning, unless you have chosen to retain a portion where something noteworthy happened. That will not be recorded over.


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    • Christmas Shopper profile image

      Christmas Shopper 4 years ago from the Milky Way

      I adore mine! Wish they had dash cams when I was taxiing because they would have saved a lot of grief. I'd definitely have gone for one inside as well pointing towards the passengers for added safety.

    • Writer Fox profile image

      Writer Fox 4 years ago from the wadi near the little river

      This sounds like a great gift for anyone and you present a lot of great reasons to own a dashboard camera. Enjoyed and voted up!