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Why Everyone Should Be Driving Hatchbacks

Updated on April 22, 2016

Still inspired by Mr. Money Mustache, I decided to lay out a few reasons why every person in this world should be driving hatchback cars. Sure, if you have a family of considerable size, maybe you'd opt for SUVs and vans and that's totally okay - as long as you think about environment when you're making your choice. Also, think about the fuel cost, maintenance cost, and the cost of the car itself; think about these things as opposed to how awesome the vehicle looks or how fast it can go from zero to sixty.

Modern man made the poorer choice when he favored personally owning a car over commuting; but you can't fault him for his need for convenience and his Hollywood-induced fantasy of driving up to the coast with his convertible while singing 80s rock anthems. He just wants to be free, autonomous; he wants to feel the wind on his hair as he rests his arm on the car window or feel like being inside a moving hotel room cranking up the AC. Cars are wonderful things, but people don't often make the wonderful choice of picking a car to drive.

My message here is simple - people should favor driving hatchback cars over anything else, and here are a few reasons why.

Hatchbacks are very fuel efficient.

Not every car on the planet is like the Toyota Prius, which on average drives 50 miles on one gallon for city driving, and drives 60 miles on the highway. In comparison, the Mitsubishi Montero Sport uses up one gallon for every 25 miles, which is half that of the Prius. Well, you could also argue that the Montero can carry in almost twice as many passengers (maybe not); but the Montero itself is considered one of the most fuel efficient SUVs in the market and it's troubling how it consumes twice as much fuel as the Prius.

Here are some fuel-efficient SUVs with their corresponding highway fuel economy:

Toyota Highlander - 25 mpg

Subaru Forester - 29 mpg

Ford Explorer - 24 mpg

Kia Sorento - 29 mpg

And here are some fuel-efficient hatchbacks:

Lexus CT 200h - 42 mpg

Mitsubishi Mirage - 40 mpg

Ford C-Max - 40 mpg

Scion iQ - 37 mpg

If you're living around the city as opposed to living around underdeveloped country roads, the hatchback over the SUV is a no-brainer choice.


Hatchbacks are so easy to park.

With parking space becoming scarce around cities, it becomes clear that the easiest type of car to park is the hatchback. In some cities in the Philippines, the situation is so terrible that you need to have a personal driver - to drive you to your destination, drop you off, and then run around in circles within the city before picking you up again because of the lack of parking space. The minimized length of the hatchback will help you take advantage of very narrow spaces and make it easier for you to move around.


Hatchbacks will dominate the electric car market.

OPEC predicts that by 2040, only 1 percent of all cars will be electric. Do you believe that? With the Tesla brand becoming a household name sounding almost as mythical as the iPhone did in its early days and with General Motors ramping up its electric car manufacturing, electric cars will start replacing our gas guzzlers on the street. Electric cars will most likely come in hatchback form because of the hatchback's light weight design and minimalism.

The only issue that electric cars really have is people's anxiety with low mileage per charge. Tesla and General Motors are working with cars that travel over 200 miles with just one charge! The Chevrolet Bolt is a product of GM that will take advantage of the hatchback's economical design.


If people chose hatchbacks over sedans and SUVs, traffic would perhaps be a lot less tight and environmental pollution would be reduced. All I'm asking is that if you're reading this article, make sure you at least think about the environmental and financial impact your car of choice is going to have as a whole.

Maybe you will opt for the more aesthetic choice, or the more braggy one. Nobody can fault you for that. But in the end, those enjoying the money saved from fuel costs and fulfilled by releasing a lot less pollution into the air are driving their favorite hatchbacks. Japanese and Korean hatchback cars are generally cheap as well. A brand new Hyundai Eon costs about $25,000. In comparison, a brand new Mitsubishi Montero costs about $80,000 and it burns almost twice as much fuel.

Take a look at what Mr. Money Mustache did with his own hatchback. This was obviously not an aesthetic choice, but he somewhat turned his hatchback into an SUV:

Which among the following hatchback cars would you drive?

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