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Why I dread going to the mechanic!

Updated on January 16, 2010

I would rather have a root canal

than have to go to the mechanics and have my car diagnosed. The whole experience for a woman is creepy. We walk into unchartered territory like foreigners who not only don't speak the language but don't even know what is being said in return. I feel as if I have a big sign on my forehead that says SUCKER. They somehow see this from very far away and as much as I pretend to not have the sign it's there.

For anyone who works as a mechanic I'd like to enlighten you to the experience and perspective from a woman. First comes the look. A woman pulls up and gets out of the car. Then depending on what she looks like is how many men stop what they are doing to come and ask what seems to be the problem. They eye her up and down as if she is some sort of meat and they haven't eaten for days. Granted I have used that to my advantage in my life time but not here and not like this.

The next thing that usually happens is we try to explain why we are there. There is a funny noise or a ping, something just doesn't feel right with our cars. We don't have a clue what this is we just know it's there. We can't even isolate the vicinity in which it emanates from. It's just there. We get the second look. They are watching my lips move but don't seem to be taking a word I say seriously. It's the condescension that I hate most.

If I'm lucky and they have the time they might start to look over my car or truck depending which I am driving that day. That's when they start to use phrases and words I don't recognize. I have 3 brothers, change my own oil, basically understand some things on the automobile but I swear they make this stuff up.

I have had repair bills that could have paid for a reasonably decent used car instead. I always ask for quote which never seems to be in the ballpark of the real bill. They don't call me regarding new findings and say they didn't anticipate the new problem that they found. I don't know half the time if I am being had or if it honestly could be true. I just always feel like I have been screwed by the time I walk out. I have this feeling I want to go home and shower as if I have been molested or something.

I have dated men in the past because they were handy with cars. I mean I didn't know that at first but once I found out it made them a bit more attractive. I don't how many other women feel like this but if a man can fix something of mine, that's hot.

For years I have gone to those quickie service places so I don't have to get out of my car, interact with the men and they just get it over quickly. It is less stressful and a bit more painless but only addresses the simplest of issues.

That is partly why I learned to change my own oil. For one thing this is not rocket science. I mean these guys don't seem that intelligent that they are thee only ones who can change your oil. So I asked a guy friend and he taught me how to change both my car and my trucks oil. It is a dirty job, I rather hate it but I get a lot of satisfaction from the fact I can do it. I even changed the oil on my Kubota tractor this year. Took me a lot longer than it should have but it was my first time. I celebrated after that one!

I now have a garage I like, a lot. I know the owner, his wife and even his son that works with them. He doesn't talk down to me. I swear he not only is honest but I wonder how he makes a decent living. I stop by for little things just to chat because I like them. It's still a strange and dirty environment but it feels safer. They don't lurk at me when I pull up. They honestly seem to care how my vehicle is running as well as my daughters.

I don't dread nearly as much doing maintenance on my vehicles since I have found my most recent garage. There are no dirty calendars hanging where I can see them. They don't whistle or whisper behind my back. Guys please take note, what if I was your sister, daughter, wife or God forbid Mother. Don't treat the women that come to you for repairs like your next meal. If you were kind, polite and cute I'd gladly go out on a date with you. Heck you can fix my car, your already attractive.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I feel exactly the same way!! Unfortunately I have a husband now who doesn't understand this issue and still doesn't understand why I insist that he takes the car to the mechanic/ oil change himself. I figured now that I'm marrried I can at least have him do this for me all the time but it always becomes an issue. I gladly give him the money so long as I don't have to be looked at like a moron!! It's so offensive especially since I'm an educated woman but since I look young it's even worse. Makes me upset everytime he makes me go with him just wish he could do all the car stuff all on his own. Lord knows I've already done my share all those years I was single. It has traumatized me!!!!

    • karmicfilly profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Franklin, TN

      Thank you Jake, validation is always a good thing. I knew I was not imagining things when I drove to the shop. You'll make an equally cute Pharmacist!

    • Jake the Mechanic profile image

      Jake the Mechanic 

      8 years ago

      Well written! Unfortunately many of the dopes I work with have an IQ somewhere between the "special learning" and "remediation" folks. They fit the stereotype to a T - greasy, dirty, ogling women customers, scamming, etc. Not to condescend, but the world needs more intelligent mechanics. "I'm losing my patience, I work with mental patients"

      Time for Jake the Mechanic to go back to school and become Jake the Pharmacist! BTW you're cute too. Take care!

    • karmicfilly profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Franklin, TN

      bearclawmedia- great idea, luckily I don't have to do that now that I really like my mechanic.

    • bearclawmedia profile image


      8 years ago from Mining Planet Earth

      You should ask him to fix your kaniculator next time. My wife did this to the mechanic who kept b.s. ing her . She made up some word and when he did not know what it was, she told him he was incompetent and she did not want him to work on the car. He went and confronted his boss. Who looked up from under a car and told her she was full of bull. She replied. Well now you know how I feel when you guys crap on like you do. She has a good relationship with that garage now.


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