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Where, Why, and How to Buy Used Tires

Updated on September 1, 2012
Used Tires
Used Tires

The Benefits of Buying Used Tires

Buying new tires can be a huge hassle for anybody who has done more than a few minutes of research. However, there are many benefits to buying used tires. The largest benefit of buying used tires is the money savings. Similarly to buying a used car, buying used tires saves people from the “brand new” price tag and still gets a very good product. Another benefit to buying used tires is knowing there aren’t any immediate defects. Because the tires have been road tested already, there is little chance of the tire flying apart due to a defect that was unknown before they were installed. One of the final benefits of buying used tires is the cut down on waste and harm on the environment. Many used tires, still in drivable shape, go to be disposed of. Buying used tires can help cut down on that waste and help the environment.

How to Find the Correct Used Tire

Finding the correct used tire can be very simple. Tire sizes are located on the sidewalls of tires. They are usually formatted this way: P225/50R16 91S. Once this number is located, you can write it down and begin the search for used tires. Calling your local tire and auto businesses is a good start. Ask if they sell used tires and ask if they have any in your size. If they don’t, move on. If they do, ask for the price and ask when you could see them. Always check the tread on used tires. Make sure it is not too low. The best test to do this is to use a penny and stick it in the thread. If it is possible to see the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head, do not buy them. The farther down his head is in the tread, the better. Most tire resellers will not sell you a used tire with thread that low, but it is always good to check.

Another good place to look is online. Craigslist and other local marketing places are a good place to look for used tires. Always, always check the thread on tires from other people! You never know what you are getting from other people and it is always good to check it out personally before you buy.

Which Vehicles Should Use Used Tires

Most vehicles can benefit from used tires. From cars and trucks to motorcycles and trailers. Just always make sure the tread is good and if something doesn’t feel right, don’t purchase used tires.

Average Cost Savings of Used Tires

The cost savings of used tires is usually pretty substantial. It can range from usually $50-100 savings per tire. This can be a huge savings if you are buying used tires for the entire vehicle. This can be an average savings of $200-400 if you buy all used tires.

Final Words About Buying Used Tires

You don’t always need to buy used tires. However, if you want to save money and help reduce waste, used tires are a fantastic thing to buy. Just as with buying anything else that is used, always make sure to check out the used tires before you buy them. Never, ever pay for them before you can check them out. If something seems off or funny about the tire, never buy it. Always go with your gut. Because those four wheels are everything that is between your car and the road, you don’t want to buy something that may do damage to your car. However, if everything looks good and you feel good about the purchase, used tires are the way to go!


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