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Why the Mercedes Maybach is the Perfect Hire Car for Your Corporate Function

Updated on August 23, 2016

It’s the evening of the biggest corporate function of the year, and you need to do all you can to make a memorable first impression. Everything relies on making sure your business stands out from the crowd, and that you strike just the right chord with just the right people.

So, you come fully prepared, handsomely attired in only the finest tailor-made suite and armed with a repertoire of dazzling charm and wit.

There’s just one problem; every other executive at the event has had exactly the same idea.

What you really need then, is something completely unparalleled in class, style, and sophistication, something guaranteed to leave those other guests speechless for all the right reasons. What you need, is a chauffeur driven Mercedes Maybach s600.

Intrigued? Here’s just a few reasons why this brand new luxury vehicle is the perfect hire car for your next corporate function.

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First Class Quality That Really Reflects Your Brand

They say that the car you drive speaks volumes about your personality. So too does the type of corporate hire car you choose for these kind of occasions. When you choose the remarkable s600, what you’re saying about your company is that you believe in nothing less than first class quality.

The very pinnacle of Mercedes world-renowned standards of high class engineering and design, the s600 is undoubtedly one of the finest luxury cars currently on the road, and says everything your business needs to say before you even step foot inside that grand corporate function.

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A Breathtaking Arrival

At 18 feet long, your luxurious, chauffeur-driven limousine is guaranteed to make a bold first impression.

Yet it isn't just the sheer size of the Mercedes Maybach s600 that makes it such an ideal corporate car hire for these kind of events.

The glistening, black finish, and the unmistake air of poise and nobility which radiates from every inch of this exquisitely designed luxury car ensure you're guaranteed to take everyone's breath away on arrival.

An Exclusive Chauffeur Driven Corporate Hire Car

Brand new on the market, there aren’t many London chauffeur companies that currently offer the Mercedes Maybach s600 for hire. So, for the high powered executive looking to do something none of their peers will have even considered, booking this beautiful new model is undoubtedly the way to go.

Unrivalled Comfort for Post-Event Relaxation

You’ve impressed, you’ve charmed, you’ve dazzled, and you’ve networked like a champion. Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and unwind as your dedicated chauffeur delivers you home for the evening.

Few luxury hire cars offer more suitable surroundings to do just that than the Mercedes Maybach.

Soft, luxurious leather seating ergonomically designed for optimum comfort, a generous amount of passenger space, and opulent decor all combine to make travelling home a highlight of the entire evening.

To hire a chauffeur driven Mercedes Maybach for your next corporate function in London, call Smart City Prestige now on 020 7792 1191.


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