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Women Car Designers Do It to the 2010 BMW Z4 Car

Updated on April 26, 2009

A Gender Bender

 In a predominately male ocuupied field, two women car designers for BMW broke through the other side. Nadya Arnaout and Juliane Blasi, both designed the exterior of the new 2010 BMW Z4 sports car and despite what you may think, praised for its "masculine swagger". One look at the designers and this praise seems paradoxical.

The announcement from BMW at the Detroit Auto Show stunned the reporters. Both women, 32 and 37 yrs, were introduced. BMW opened up an internal contest to choose the next design team for the Z4. Teams from Germany and the USA submitted their drawings and clay models anonymously. The two women were shocked that there submissions were picked as the winners. For Blasi, it was first clay model since she was hired in Munich in 2003, and for Arnaout, she had just switched to interior designs.

Their theory was to design the Z4 with no traces of whether a man or woman designed it. For Arnaout, she was a Z4 roadster fan and previously owned one. She designed the interior to be driver based not gender oriented. Blasi, who designed the body, simply tried to make it look fierce and strong, which many relate to a male. BMW management simply wanted the best car design and could less what gender designed it. Blasi's main design problem was with the retactable top and to make it look like a coupe when it was up. The top is hard and not a fabric like most convertible.

The 2010 Z4 design began in 2005. This provides an idea of how much lead time it takes from sketch to public showing for a newly designed car.


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    • profile image

      ronald 7 years ago

      super women car designers of B M W there is another the great designer of auto who thinks beyond the limits that's is Syed.M.Ali .Bushnak see on sci-tech pursuit of shining Armour interview syed mohammad ali bushnak

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 8 years ago from malang-indonesia

      I think Nadya Arnaout and Juliane Blasi is wonderful woman, they have great design and good imagination.