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Yamaha Fazer 600

Updated on June 16, 2013
Yamaha brand
Yamaha brand

Second generation of excellence

Yamaha introduced this stunning motorbike in 2004, as a successor to her FZS 600 fazer(first generation fazer) mainly because FZS failed to pass Euro 2 emissions mods. They stayed true to the looks and philosophy of her predecessor. New Chassis, new engine , new suspensions, new brakes came to make this bike the dominant figure in her category, selling like hot potatoes all over the world.

The engine

The FZ6 Fazer uses the same engine with Yamaha YZF-R6 :) ,although slightly tuned to be friendlier and easier to use one day to day basis. The engine is a 600c.c 4 cylinder in-line with 4 valved per cylinder and liquid cooling. Power tops 97 hp at 12000rpm. The transmission is a six speed with multi-plate clutch, spaced perfectly for both city and touring use. Implementing the latest technologies FZ6 gets fuel injectors, bringing down the fuel consumption to really good levels, around 6ltr / 100 klm.

The engine operation is smooth along all the spectrum of the rpm, but as all the sport engines dislikes the really low rpm where is is wasted. The gearbox will help you change speeds fast and easily, but you will need at least 2 fingers to pull the clutch handle. The engine is considered perfect for day to day use and touring.

Yamaha engine
Yamaha engine

What about the looks of her?

Simply stunning. Everything on this bike is made to look great. From the frond mask to the exhaust outlets below the taillights. Simply it is designed to attract attention. Everything looks modern, stylish and pleasant at he same time. The digital speed indicator gives all the information the rider needs most of the day and all the night. Of course you can`t skip noticing the exhaust manifolds, which are masterfully hidden under the riders seats ending up below the taillights.

Riding her?

She is a beauty to ride. Powerful, responsive to the throttle commands, begs you to bank in close turns, rewarding you with really high exit speeds.The strong brakes are there to stop you anywhere anytime. The suspension constantly keeps the tires fixed to the road without spoiling the riders comfort. The hole bike gives you the impression that every detail was scrutinized to perfection by Yamaha motors. It will start all every time you turn the key and push the start button and will cruise for many many hours.The brakes are really good with good dimensions and stopping power, but not super bikes performance. Also later models came with the option of an ABS assisting brake system.

FZ6N (Naked) option

Brutality made in Japan. What you lose in practicality you earn in back in looks. Traditionally naked bikes are always modern, even if 15 years pass since the bike was designed. Also naked bikes lack the pain of maintaining the panels of the fairing. Scratches and cheeps are no problem for naked bikes. Sometimes they even add to the hole mentality.

This bike is the same mechanically with FZ6 fazer but without the the frontal fearing along with stylish differences concentrated on the frontal part of the motorcycle. All driving characteristics remain the same. Unfortunately the touring capabilities are greatly reduced, because the wind stream hits directly the riders and reduces their comfort. Some aftermarket detachable wind fairings offer solution to this problem.

Hard to make decisions

Naked or fairing? That`s a good question.

Fairing is always welcome when traveling long distances, but is really expensive when you get unlucky. Original Japanese spare parts never come cheap, especially painted body parts.

Naked is always the way to go. The added brutality comes always as a plus in the bikers galaxy. Unfortunately you have to trade looks for comfort and lights.(The fazer with the fairing was excellent lights!!!, better than many cars)

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    • jabelufiroz profile image

      Firoz 4 years ago from India

      Good review on Yamaha Fazer 600. Voted up.