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Yamaha TMAX

Updated on August 9, 2011

Are you sure it is a scooter??

The Yamaha TMAX is a performance motorcycle with a scooter skin. Although there are floorboards to the sides, because of the large center console you may find yourself having to throw a leg over to climb on. Just like in the traditional motorcycle world of cruisers and sport bikes, this is the scooter sport bike and it lives up to its name. With its sleek design featuring large dual headlights, sloping windshield, large tires and angled mammoth exhaust pipe, this bike screams "power".

Speaking of power, the TMAX is driven by a potent 499cc fuel injected, liquid cooled, 4 valve per cylinder engine. Unlike most scooters, the swingarm is separate from the engine like most motorcycles, resulting in less weight on the rear tire for better handling. The Yamaha will easily surpass the 100mph mark and really doesn't seem happy in slow city speed limits, it feels like it wants to blast off. The automatic CVT transmission is smooth and the exhaust pipe puts out a subtle growl.

Once you climb on you will find a large comfortable seat 31.5 inches from the ground and a nice sport like dash, featuring coolant gauge, speedometer, digital clock, digital odometer, trip meter and finally a fuel gauge, the panel lights up in red and looks nice. The tachometer is also digital and shows just above the clock. The mirrors are set to show the most vision and there is plenty of storage. Two unlocking glove compartments and a large underseat area that will fit an oversized helmet. the seat actually opens front to back for another difference from most other maxi's. The gas tank cap is located just under the front seat and visible and also locks. The passenger seat is roomy but no back rest like the drivers, there are also flip out foot pegs for passenger foot placement.

The TMAX weighs in at 489 lbs so definitely not a light weight but its large 15" wheels, dual shocks and front and rear disc brakes make the bike controllable. All of this performance yields a respectable 47 mpg out of its 4 gallon tank. There are several accessories like a larger windshield, passenger backrest, DC outlets, rear rack etc if need be. The TMAX will more than put a smile on the face of a rider who wants a shiftless motorcycle that gets good fuel mileage, looks sharp, has a lot of room and will flat out "fly". The only negative, like most larger maxi scooters is the price, which comes in at 9,000. But with Yamaha's proven quality, this bike will more than pay for itself.


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    • strkngfang profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      It's definitely more of a highway or higher speed bike. The engine isn't happy with around town riding at slower speeds. I have a friend that will attest to this as well.

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 

      7 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      That's quite the scooter, seems a bit of overkill for local commutes, but then, what's wrong with a bit of overkill now and then?


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