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Yamaha R15 review- A true Indian sport bike

Updated on March 27, 2011

This is the greatest Indian machine India has ever seen after the demise of the powerful two strokes in India (I mean Yamaha rd 350 “lord of the road”). The truth about why there hasn’t been many sport bike or none in our market is the fact that there is lack of demand or no demand. The people who really needed a good sport bike ordered it from foreign countries for a jaw breaking INR 10,00,000. India as a developing nation focuses more on “economy” in all aspect, so as in fuel consumption too. So Indians don’t want to spend more on their fuel budget and get fast. Instead they want a bike that is much efficient and cost effective. Their pre-requisites include:

1.       Fuel economy

2.       Low maintenance

3.       Good looks

4.       Easy handling

5.       Capacity (pillion + goods carrying capacity)

6.       And most of all cheap or so called economic priced bikes.

These things largely altered the minds of the Indian motorcycle manufacturers. They stopped producing bigger engine bike and started manufacturing low end bike that are highly fuel efficient. It’s a fact that many companies like Bajaj and TVS compromised much of their quality to compete with its pricing strategy. Meanwhile Yamaha was on a niche introducing the Yamaha gladiator. The Yamaha gladiator was a125cc machine capable of delivering 11.5 bhp and a top speed of 105kmph which was quite impressive. The bike was good at handling and was the most comfortable in its segment. Their competitor Bajaj Discover 125 dtsi was relatively a cheaper bike but had good fuel efficiency but wouldn’t respond much to the throttle. Then again Bajaj was successful with the competition. It all comes to an end with concept of price to efficiency.

As time passed, the world around India was changing and slowly youths were craving for a sport bike in the market. It was very well highlighted in a survey conducted by Yamaha motors India in summer of 2005. A team at Yamaha decided to introduce a sport bike for the youth segment. They also decided to build a new bike that also is fuel efficient to some extent. And Yamaha r15 was the result. 150cc 6 speed with fuel injection was the key to the answer. People at first gulped at the price tag if around INR 1,20,000 but sooner realized it’s worth the pay. Ok enough of the scenario speech let me tell you my views on Yamaha r15.


1.       Acceleration was as good as my RX135 which is a good two stroke motorcycle

2.        Top speed I could achieve with my weight (78kgs) with full possible aerodynamics and less wind drag was 141 on the digital Speedo. That’s more than what you need for a high way run.

3.       6 speed transmissions allow you complete and crisp control of your speed. It allows a smooth transmission. The gear ratios are just perfect enough for Indian roads.

4.       Fuel injection system plays a vital role in Yamaha r15. It makes the bike respond instantly to the throttle

5.       Brakes- My god I love the braking on this machine. It’s got a good front braking with disc that works really well. And the back disc also joins into the action.

6.       Looks looks looks, I can bet you, no other manufacturers can design such an elegant looking bike without compromising the aerodynamics and safety aspects

7.       Seating-This is the best of its kind. Its gives a racing feels to it. Sit on it and the first thing you will realize is the foot peg is somewhere rear than the normal ones. Now that’s what I call sporty


1.       After 5000 kilometers of riding the bike’s monoshocks were giving slight problems. But it was fixed but the service persons. But they had to blame me for my rugged riding.

2.       I don’t know about other owners. My bike odes a buzzing sound whenever I start the bike in the morning. When I asked the service person hr said it’s coming from the Speedo. The other day he said it’s the fuel injection. But in the internet they say it’s from the digital Speedo.

3.       I know this sound so silly. Many times I felt bad that Yamaha r15 must have had its kick start. It’s a pain in the ass, when your battery goes empty. You literally have to push (run) start your bike.

So far these are my views on the bike. I will keep updating my hub as much as possible. Soon I’ll be on a long trip on my Yamaha r15. I will come up with an honest and unbiased review. Till then see you guys. If you have any doubts feel free to ask in the comments section.


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    • profile image

      Vijay 7 years ago

      But the rear part of the bike doesnt really suit the awsome front part of the bike..!